Announcing our 3rd Annual Gold Party! Buy your tickets before they sell out!!


2 thoughts on “Announcing our 3rd Annual Gold Party! Buy your tickets before they sell out!!”

  1. Dear Maya,
    I have to send you this message. The excuses of a busy life and never making the time to sit down and tell you what you mean to me are done.
    I am writing this to you because you have completely changed my life. In the horrific pediatric cancer world, you shine like a light and help to give purpose and voices to the cause we are all so desperately trying to give. You give us parents hope that this world is going to change and KNOW about pediatric cancer, and that there will be new developments, treatments, and success in the journey to find a cure. Your dedication and extreme, relentless hard work is making huge strides, and I thank you from the very bottom of my heart for that.
    My little boy was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma when he was 2. After several aggressive rounds of intrarterial chemo, cryotherapy, and multiple surgeries, we made the decision to remove Carson’s eye. He has been cancer-free for 22 months. Once we were introduced to this world, we vowed to never go back-no matter the outcome. We have met many families throughout this experience, and our lives will never be the same. The carefree, careless days are gone. Just because Carson is alive does not mean these other children aren’t suffering and dying. We are on board to make this entire world aware, so that people will stand up with us to help give these kids a chance!
    I remember the night I found your blog. Carson was nearing the end of his treatment, and the chemo was not working. The tumor was growing and cancer seeds were spreading throughout his eye. The first thing I saw on your blog post was Ronan’s picture. Of course, my first thought was how beautiful this precious baby boy was (duh. Most gorgeous boy ever!) I read one post and was absolutely hooked. Your writing is beautiful. The way you write Ronan’s story touches the depths of my soul. After several hrs of reading from the first post to the very last, I will tell you I have never cried so much in my life. I woke my husband up and told him about Ronan. I shared his story. I made Jared read your blog. We held each other and sobbed for Ronan, for you and Woody, for your family, and for the entire pediatric cancer world who has to feel more heartache, tragedy, helplessness, and pain, and deal with watching our little ones suffer and die due to lack of awareness and funding. We decided that night at 3am that we were going to remove his eye.
    You helped us make a bold and brave move for him.
    And tonight, after reading countless stories, letters, and posts about the ESB, I decided to be more like you, throw out all of my reservations, work schedule, the fact I have a 4 and 2 year old at home, and decide to stand up with you and make a difference. For Ronan and all of these precious kids. I bought 2 tickets to The Gold Party, and 2 plane tickets to Arizona. We will see you in September, decked out in gold.
    Thank you Maya, for all you have done and will continue to do. Keep up this fight-you ARE making a difference. Ronan has the best mommy in the world.
    Brittney Albright

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