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This has been in the works now for some time now, but we’ve just been being a little quiet about it.  As a board, we decided RTF needed a new logo.  It was hard for me to part with the baby seal, as it had sentimental value.  Nobody really understood why we had a seal as our logo.  It was because “Ronan” means “Little Seal” in Gaelic, but most people don’t know that therefore the seal was confusing.  We were getting a lot of, “Are you trying to save the seals or what?” No dudes, we’re trying to save kids with cancer… how do you not get that from looking at a seal? (kidding. I know it is confusing if you don’t know the back story)

We met with some very talented and kind people at Fervor Creative for hours upon hours.  I even had them revamp your seal logo before my board members told me they were just not feeling it anymore.  So I took Tanya and Fernanda to have yet another meeting with them.  We sat and talked about you and the things that came to mind when we thought of you.  I had a picture in my mind of something really simple.  A boy wearing a Fedora. With his head held high, like you alway had yours. We also talked about stars and the significance of those to us.  I knew having Fernanda with me was vital to getting this done finally the right way.  She has a way of expressing her thoughts about what you represent in such a beautiful way and sometimes I am too sad to do so.

We got some samples back and as soon as I saw them, I started to cry.  What they came up with is beyond perfect and I am beyond in love with it.  I sent it to your daddy and he had the same reaction.  He said it reminded him of the book, “The Little Prince” which he loved to read to you.  I knew from both of our reactions, that this was perfection.

So, here you go Ro and supporters of The Ronan Thompson Foundation.  Makeover complete.  Thank you to Fervor Creative for taking a bunch of rambling words full of such love and pain, and turning it into something as beautiful as this.  You have hearts of gold for taking this on and not charging us a dime.  We are forever thankful for what you have created for us and promise to continue to do good things in this world with the gift you have given us.


RTF stack logo rgb

25 responses to “I have something new to share…”

  1. This is beautiful – lovely! Also very sad…

    It’s perfect!

  2. Roz Sullivan Avatar
    Roz Sullivan

    They are more than creative genius’ , they are gifted in expressing the longings of The Human Heart. They have connected with me and I am sure countless others on a very deep emotional plane!

  3. Dana Hockman Avatar
    Dana Hockman


  4. Vashti Padmore Avatar
    Vashti Padmore

    You’re right. The new logo is indeed perfection. It brought tears to my eyes AND made me smile- all at the same time.

  5. Absolute perfection! I got chills down to my toes…he’s here, always here Maya.

  6. I LOVE it! I can see Ronan in that drawing!

  7. Laurel Holly Avatar
    Laurel Holly

    I love it, Maya. The uphill climb. The guiding star. The child. It’s truly perfect…

  8. This is perfect! It made me smile right away and you feel the spirit of a wild little boy! Bravo!

  9. It’s absolutely perfect! 💜💜

  10. 💜💜 so perfect!

  11. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! It’s perfect.

  12. Love!!! #rolove #ronan

  13. I read this and then scrolled down to the chosen picture and was instantly overcome by goosebumps! Love it, it’s perfect.

  14. I LOVE IT! XO 

  15. Perfect logo for RTF. I had chills when I saw it. It is Ronan.

  16. alexilcheskafajardo Avatar

    Now It’s may 5…..just 4 days to go and it will be Ronan’s 3rd death anniversary and 7 days to go and it will Ronan’s 7th birthday.. 🙂

  17. I just knew Ronan’s Story just before… when i read it….my tears wanted to come out on my eyes but i stopped them to fall because if someone see me…they will say that i’m crazy..I love Ronan from now on…BABY BLUE EYES.

  18. It is great. Simple, yet moving. Really great job.

  19. Love love the new logo!

  20. ❤Love It❤

  21. Awesome!

  22. That’s Ronan!

  23. It’s perfect. See how he’s taking a big step? You’ve been doing just that this entire time. Some good news for May…

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