Did somebody say something about Rockstar Ronan bracelets???





Freaking finally.  Look what finally happened!!!


16 responses to “Did somebody say something about Rockstar Ronan bracelets???”

  1. Ship to canada…please!!!

  2. Love the bracelets. Want to buy one.

  3. Ms. Thompson,

    My name is Maryann, and I am a student. My teacher recently assigned us a persuasive essay, with the simple guidance to “choose something we can rant about.” Normally, I would’ve done it on the lunch food, or something trivial of the such. Now, I want to do something more; I want to make my essay mean something to someone. I have read your blogs, and I have tried to understand your pain. I am planning on writing this essay on why there should be more awareness toward childhood caners, more funding, more people like you who are screaming at the top of their lungs. May I have the permission to mention Ronan in my writing, to mention the Ronan Foundation? If I can, is there something particular that you would like me to write about him, or not to write about him? If I can open just one person’s eyes, to the extent that you’ve opened mine, then I know I’ve made a difference. Ronan’s story deserved to be heard a thousand times over, and I want to make sure kids my own age, in my own school, know how lucky they are. Thank you for your insight and guidance in whatever assistance you can.

    My email is: maryannmakosiej@gmail.com

    Thank you,

  4. YAY! Finally! I’ve been waiting for these! I am so excited! 🙂

  5. Yay!! Yay!!!

  6. This is so awesome, I’ve already ordered!

  7. Jana Michelle Weaver Avatar
    Jana Michelle Weaver

    Maya I have been holding out for Rockstar Ronan Fuck cancer bracelets. I haven’t seen them and I WANT SOME! Are you making those or did u just special order it?? Always thinking of Ronan and your beautiful family!

  8. “we dont ship to Brazil” 😥

  9. Yay!!! love them all… especially the ronan rebel…

  10. Please ship to Canada 🙂

  11. Love the bracelets but disappointed that there is no shipping to Canada! Can’t wait till I can order them!

  12. Me and my friends put together a day at school to wear yellow! It was awesome! About half of our 600 kids at school participated! As I walked down we halls a lot of what I saw that day was yellow. We even got another school to wear yellow. I can’t belive we did this we are only in 6th grade. MAYA THOMPSON! if you are reading this please go follow cancer_official on Instagram that would be we best christmas present ever to my best friend Jozie who runs the account, she got hacked at 800 followers. She dedicated her life to saving childhood cancer. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE it would mean the world to her. cancer_official Happy Holidays!

  13. Hi Maya, so happy to see the bracelets are back – just a quick question – will you ever be getting the naughty F*ck Cancer bracelets? Where can I purchase those?

  14. I just got mine in the mail and the packaging is LEGIT. Mad respect to the foundation, yo!

    You are all the best!

  15. Love you all !
    Ronan is in my heart, Merry christmas, enjoy with your boys and baby poppy AND of course with Roro

  16. Omg that was me !!!

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