4 responses to “Please join us for a very rocking night with Bret Michaels”

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    Support childhood cancer! No one’s life should be taken away by a killer like cancer, especially not a child’s.

  2. hello everyone i am college student and i am taking a journalism class and i am doing a story on how blogs/social media/technology are connecting people from around the world and are inspiring change in people and i was hoping some of you wouldn’t mind telling me how you came across Maya’s blog and the reason you decided to follow it i can change your name in my story if you would like but i will be mentioning Ronan and Maya and trying to promote this blog in my story as well (hopefully its published in the online school paper, if it is i will post a link!) thank you for your time

  3. Maya! My girls, K & L are having a small birthday party in October. Instead of presents I am having everyone donate $ to the RTF. At first I was not sure how they would act when I asked them how they felt about no presents. L, my almost 7 year old said, “well I want presents but I want kids with cancer to get better…” K, my almost 10 year old said nothing and started to cry. She said she wasnt crying b/c of the no present part, but b/c so many kids have cancer. They are both aware of the effects cancer has on a person physically and emotionally. (their aunt passed almost 18 months ago from a brain tumor). Cancer is scary. Sad. It sucks and it can go fuck itself. I cant promise it will be a HUGE amount of money that is donated b/c it is a small party. But I feel the need to do this for you, Ronan and all the other kids that have fought, are fighting or will fight for their lives. Love you, you sassy, witty lady! You have changed so many lives! Expect some $ sometime at the end of Oct from PA! xoxo

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