September is right around the corner…

Please help us spread the word. Let’s turn September, GOLD!

Feel free to use Ronan’s photo, too! I don’t mind people using Ronan’s pictures, as long as they are using them respectfully.

Thank you.


10 thoughts on “September is right around the corner…”

  1. Whatever happened to lighting the White House gold? I never saw a reply to the petition. I even emailed the people at the White House site and never got a reply. They seem to pick the petitions they want to reply to. I saw some answered with hardly any signatures.

  2. On that subject, does anyone know whether the White House ever got around to answering the petition to turn the White House Gold this September?

  3. Maya I read an article on yesterday and thought of you right away. It was about the co-creator of The Simpsons, Sam Simon, who is dying from cancer and is giving his multi million dollar fortune away to philanthropic organizations. It would be amazing, with Childhood Cancer Awareness month coming up, to somehow get Mr. Simon’s attention on the matter. Could you imagine the big strides that could possibly be taken in working towards a cure?! Maya if anyone can do it without a doubt in my mind it is certainly you!! You and Ronan captured Taylor Swifts attention and many others….you two can move mountains!!!

    Love from Ohio xoxo

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