We are so excited to FINALLY announce…

tumblr_mogu13bkIP1s95kwbo1_500The Ronan Thompson Foundation, Max’s Ring of Fire, and Grand Canyon University are teaming up! We are so excited to announce that on October 26th, we will be bringing a run to San Diego with the help of Grand Canyon University! Registration is already open at www.runtofightcancer.com and for all you Phoenix runners, GCU will have a “get on the bus package” that will include transportation from Phx to San Diego, hotel accommodation, and entry into the run. Details coming soon, be on the lookout.

Just for being loyal FB fans we would like to give a 10% discount to anyone who registers using code word “fightcancer”. Make sure and share this to all your friends and family, particularly the ones in California :). We can’t wait to see you all in San Diego!

One thought on “We are so excited to FINALLY announce…”

  1. Hi Mama Maya! Real quick I was on the website registering and there is a spot for people to sign up under Ro’s LA Lovies, but requieres a password. Not sure if us Ro Lovie’s are allowed to sign up under that or if that’s for a group set aside. I know you don’t see all of your comments or inquiries, especially on vacation with your family so I will shoot an email over to the foundation too. Thanks and we LOVE you Thompson family!

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