This is all because of you! Thank you so much!



Thank you to everyone who voted and for the awesome people at Parents Magazine for being so supportive and wonderful. If you can, pick up the June issue of Parents Magazine to see our amazing award!

I love you Ro. For you. Always for you.


19 thoughts on “This is all because of you! Thank you so much!”

  1. AWESOME! Congratulations! Your little inspiration, Ronan, is definitely helping you change the world one step at an incredible step. It is LOVE. ❤

  2. So wonderful to get Ronan’s story out there. I got the magazine in the mail recently, and was thrilled to see your picture. Ro-loves!!!!

  3. AWESOME!!! Of COURSE you had to win!! Because it IS the BEST!! You are amazing Maya. And Ronan is going to change the lives of others forever. PS. I haven’t commented lately, or as often, but I’m still here reading and loving and supporting ALWAYS!! Wanted you to know, as I’m sure I’m not the only one who reads, LIVES a different life now that you & Ronan have changed the world, but don’t always comment on here. You are and always will be an inspiration. xoxo

  4. Yay Ronan and Maya! You guys deserve this and your picture looks great! Way to get your story and childhood cancer on everyone’s minds your getting closer and closer to changing the world!

  5. This is great ! We are here for you Maya and the whole Thompson Family 🙂 With every little step you are changing the world.

    Love from your little home town

  6. Yay! You got it!!! Everyone I have turned on to your fight has voted for you too 🙂 your so inspirational and the way you write makes me feel like I’m sitting right next to you listening and crying and laughing right there with you!!

  7. OMG I have this issue and hadn’t gotten a chance to read it yet – so exciting to see RoLove in Parents Magazine!! I voted and was so excited when you won. So happy to know that thousands more people will get to know and love your Rockstar Ronan

  8. Oh Maya-congrats to you and Ro-you are such an incredible woman-thinking of you and your beautiful family-rock on Ro!!!!!!!!!

  9. So happy for you to get this again and spread Ronan’s message. Seeing the picture again brings tears to my eyes…you can see the love between you too. Amazing boy and mama…

  10. Wow, I knew your blogs were good, but a magazine to confirm it that’s totally rad!! lol, that’s actually something my kids would say, I think it’s wonderful…so glad you are able to get the word out about the need for more research for childhood cancer!! Good job!!! ❤

  11. Seeing this in my monthly issue of Parents brought a big smile to my face! Congratulations to you for making the world see how amazing Ronan was…and how amazing he still is! You’re making people aware of childhood cancer…one magazine issue at a time!

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