Without a doubt, the MISS Foundation saved my life


I just wish I wouldn’t have had to find them by sitting in my bed in the middle of the day, sobbing, and thinking to myself, “If I don’t find someone to help me, I will not survive this. I then turned on my computer and Googled, “What to do if your child has died in Arizona.” Somehow, that got me to the MISS Foundations page. I thank Ronan for Dr. Jo, every single day.



4 thoughts on “Without a doubt, the MISS Foundation saved my life

  1. Elida Rodriguez

    There is nothing in this World I with you Maya want in this World other than a Cure for cancer.. My son my baby Ethan passed away in March 24, 2013. I Miss him like crazy while my life stops everyone elses keeps Going. I hate cancer, I have ever bit of it!

  2. Luíza

    Hey, my name is Luíza, I am from Brazil and a huge fan of Taylor Swift. I heard the song Ronan when it came out but a few days ago I took the time to understand a little bit more about your story. Of course I fell in love with it, and with Ronan. I am a very spiritualist person and I understand death in so many levels that I can’t express. I cried a lot while reading this and your story touched me deeply. I am sorry I can’t put into words everything I want to but it is really hard to express such deep feelings in another language. I took the courage to write this because today I randomly chose a post in your blog and it was something from 2012, and it was about his birthday, that is today (it’s already May-12th here) I was shocked by this coincidence so I had to write something. Today is also Mother’s Day. I know it must be a really hard day for you but I hope you have a great day with your other kids and Ronan in your heart like always. I wish you all the best and I know Ronan is happy wherever he is, smiling and blessing you all. Sending love all the way from Brazil! Be happy!

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