Without a doubt, the MISS Foundation saved my life


I just wish I wouldn’t have had to find them by sitting in my bed in the middle of the day, sobbing, and thinking to myself, “If I don’t find someone to help me, I will not survive this. I then turned on my computer and Googled, “What to do if your child has died in Arizona.” Somehow, that got me to the MISS Foundations page. I thank Ronan for Dr. Jo, every single day.



4 responses to “Without a doubt, the MISS Foundation saved my life”

  1. Thank Ro for Dr. Jo. Soooo grateful there are amazing people like her and you and Ro out there

  2. Elida Rodriguez Avatar
    Elida Rodriguez

    There is nothing in this World I with you Maya want in this World other than a Cure for cancer.. My son my baby Ethan passed away in March 24, 2013. I Miss him like crazy while my life stops everyone elses keeps Going. I hate cancer, I have ever bit of it!

  3. Hey, my name is Luíza, I am from Brazil and a huge fan of Taylor Swift. I heard the song Ronan when it came out but a few days ago I took the time to understand a little bit more about your story. Of course I fell in love with it, and with Ronan. I am a very spiritualist person and I understand death in so many levels that I can’t express. I cried a lot while reading this and your story touched me deeply. I am sorry I can’t put into words everything I want to but it is really hard to express such deep feelings in another language. I took the courage to write this because today I randomly chose a post in your blog and it was something from 2012, and it was about his birthday, that is today (it’s already May-12th here) I was shocked by this coincidence so I had to write something. Today is also Mother’s Day. I know it must be a really hard day for you but I hope you have a great day with your other kids and Ronan in your heart like always. I wish you all the best and I know Ronan is happy wherever he is, smiling and blessing you all. Sending love all the way from Brazil! Be happy!

  4. So glad that you found Dr. Jo! I too wish there were more of her. The world needs you both. xo

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