Your song for the night, Ro baby and now Poppy’s, too.




10 responses to “Your song for the night, Ro baby and now Poppy’s, too.”

  1. RoMama,
    Love that quote. Proud to be #crazy
    And love that song.
    Thinking of you mama!
    Rolove always xo
    RoPopLove xo

  2. LOVE this song. So special that Woody is singing it to her 🙂

  3. Love it….yep it is true. Someone that understands our kind of crazy really loves us deeply…..I have been on this earth long enough to know that. If some one doesn’t forget them…they do not deserve you!…..I love this song!!

  4. Love it<3 you're so strong

  5. Such a beautiful song from a beautiful soul…and I do not mean Taylor (though she is as well). What do you think about Ro sending YOU a song…this song…when you needed it most. Love to you always, Maya.

  6. Lovely song.

    I’ve been following you for a long, long time. I hike in the same state you do, and always hoped to find a Ronan bracelet on one of my hikes, but I also knew we don’t hike the same mountains.

    My first comment (ever) is a suggestion: include the song title and artist to your music posts. Sometimes the YT link is broken and the intended song is lost to your blog followers.

    Take care of you and your beautiful family.


  7. Love love love this….thanks for sharing!!

  8. Poppy is such an amazing thing for you and your family ! So happy that she is saving your life !
    Thank you Ro … Love you so so much !

  9. Taylor and Maya are amazing!! So sweet that Woody is playing this song for Poppy. FU Cancer!

  10. Do u know what song it is…. Because I can’t hear it….Please share

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