Oh, and P.S.


Dear Rude Creepy Stalkers,

I made a decision a couple of months ago to stop posting the insane hate comments that a few people are leaving. Not many, but I do get a few that I usually don’t even read as they go straight to the spam folder. I have already gotten one over this latest post (totally expected that) which I have the power, not to publish. HOLLA! Word to being in control of your own blog! So, to my friend over atΒ Mayadumbass@clueless.com, or really from Minnesota…Β I will not be publishing your comments where you say marriage is for a man and a woman only (right… because being gay is choice), vaccines gave Ronan cancer, and a few other ridiculous things. Ewwww. Get a life and stop obsessively examining mine with a microscope.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, nobody is forcing you to read this blog. If you don’t like the things I have to say, stop reading this. I am done feeding into the negativity and I am done giving you the attention you so desperately crave because you clearly have some sort of mommy dropped you on your head and daddy didn’t love you issues. Go start your own freaking blog where you talk about your hate for me and gay marriage. I’m not posting that stuff here, ever.

Enjoy your life of hate, unicorns, rainbows(oh… but not rainbows because I am sure they are too gay!), puppy dogs, and where you don’t love Anderson Cooper or Ellen Degeneres. Wow. OMG! Who doesn’t love Ellen? Even though my world sucks you know because my son DIED not from being gay but from a real problem which is childhood cancer, I am very glad I do not live in your world. I freaking LOVE Ellen Degeneres and Ronan did, too!



87 thoughts on “Oh, and P.S.”

  1. Kudos! You rock YOUR blog… you rock our cause (NB)…. and YOU have your priorities straight! To rainbows…. now where is that F*$%ing pot of Gold…. (…..the kids can use it)!

  2. Wtf? Is that really the trolls email? Seriously?! They need a life!
    Please don’t give them any attention let alone on this blog that is your lovestory with Ro!

    #mayasmafia #rolove #rolovers

  3. You GO girl (I’ve never commented on here, but now I sort of feel a need to!!) I started following your blog because Taylor Swift wrote a song about your son, (which was beautiful…and so is his memory) and I’m very busy, so sometimes I don’t read every word, but, even as a teenager, I have to admit that your words inspire me!! πŸ™‚ THANK YOU SO MUCH! KEEP IT UP! πŸ˜€

  4. instead of politely reading how someone is dealing with their grieft they post hate comments…WTF. I agree…STOP READING if you can’t be respectful of the writers thoughts and feelings.

  5. That literally made me LOL! Thanks for not giving haters a voice. I hate how people like to spew their hate in the “comments” sections. So silly!

  6. Wow. Why would someone who thinks you’re a dumbass…even bother read this blog and leave comments. So weird! And its amazing someone could be so cruel-When this blog is about what its about! Well clearly they have some kind of issue. Wtf! Well Maya…keep doing what you do. You’re an inspiration to so many. There’s always a couple of morons in a group of so many amazing people!

  7. How pathetic does someone have to be to spend their time trolling a blog about children with cancer? What a nutcase. People like that are why God gave us middle fingers.

  8. Even in your angry rants, you still crack me up! Love you! And yes, who doesn’t love Ellen! Seriously…it’s almost impossible:) I wish I lived near her so I could kick her ass for you and everyone else she hates! Gotta love these people spreading the word of hate…makes no sense!!! Use that energy to do something better. Also love when people claim vaccines give you cancer and autism…no…they save us from polio and things that used to kill children like crazy back in the day. My husband is a nurse and that makes him madder than anything! Again…love you!

  9. Hahahahaha…unicorns are probably too gay too ( you know, with the thing sticking out and the sparkles). People are stupid, too bad the internet couldn’t just slap them when they said stupid things, so we don’t have to listen to them. Keep kicking ass.

  10. Fabulous Maya! And thank you for speaking out on equality for all alongside your cricial advocacy for a cure for childhood cancer! I visited the Van Andel Institute last week and was only one floor below Dr. Sholler’s lab. Believe me, I thought about Ronan the entire time I was there. Thank you for taking a stand for what matters. Much love!!!

  11. Maya- you are FREAKIN AWESOME!!! Through all your grief, pregnancy, etc, you STILL find time to put people in their place! You make me smile!! Carry on, you are a rock star!!!

  12. Don’t let the hate get to you! For every mean comment, there will be twice as many nice ones and for every hater there are more people who care about you and Ronan! Keep your head high:) Oh and fu haters/cancer

  13. Well said!!! I love your blog, you and Ronan.
    Honestly our babies are dying from cancer and the government is worried about gay marriage!! So completely backwards!!!
    They should be CURING CANCER! Not worrying about who loves who and who marries who?!! What gives them that right??
    And hey Cancer maya’s coming for you!!

  14. Because you don’t have enough to worry about.. I’m sorry sweetie. Some people are just assholes 😦
    Hopefully the love from all of us who love you outweigh the creepy stalker assholes!! Xoxo

  15. Amen to that Maya!!!!
    Well said and right to the point!
    This troll is not worth another thought!! What you are doing and going to do to change the world in the name of childhood cancer is all that matters!
    You are amazing and inspiring and awesome!!! ❀❀❀

  16. Vaccines caused his cancer? Then how did my son’s get diagnosed at 5 DAYS old? Yeah, must have been those prenatal vaccines I was shooting into my stomach. Dumbass. Who would say that even if it was a proven fact and not just a ridiculous statement? Who would say “you did this to him”? And who is anyone but God to judge who should get married and who should not? What is wrong with just loving people? For all we know, he is thrilled his people are loving each other, no matter what their sex! Have they met him and discussed his thoughts on this?
    Ok, hopping down off my soapbox now before I really go off!
    Glad I didn’t refresh my Twitter one more time and see this last night!! What a bunch of asses.
    Love to you always

  17. LOL Oh Maya you tock girl!!!! Nobody can judge your pain,cuase they probably have not been on your shoes before or if they have, They are not YOU!!!!!!!! Love you,,

  18. Awesome blog..some people are just so ignorant….Sending lots of RoLove. Love you reading your blog!!!!!!

  19. Fuckers! I respect other peoples religions and if your religious beliefs go against gay marriage, then don’t be gay. Pretty sure your bible also says not to be a dick to others, so if you are creating asshole emails with curse words and clearly expressing hate towards others, your religion is an excuse for your uneducated, selfish, misguided, ignorance. I just tried to make myself gay but it didn’t work, so my conclusion is that being gay is not a choice.

  20. I cannot believe you get hate! That is ridiculous. That is the absolute last thing you need and how much of a terrible person do you have to be to purposely want to make someone like you feel bad about themselves. UGH SOME PEOPLE ARE JUST SO AWFUL.I have no words to describe how disgusted and horrified I am that people send things like that but I am glad you don’t listen to them! Woohoo Ellen’s the best! I love her so much πŸ™‚

  21. Ha ha ha…. Wait. Actually it’s sad that ugly close minded pathetic people are out there. Don’t waste a second on them. It’s very obvious that they have no clue.

  22. I just don’t understand why people even bother reading if they don’t like you or what you have to say. They must have nothing better to do. But, that’s what I like about you, Maya. You don’t care, and you say what you want.
    Keep on keepin’ on…….. πŸ™‚

  23. I have the most beautiful nephew who just happens to be gay and I couldn’t imagine life without him just the way he is !!! Thank you for your support. I’ve been following your blog ever since Taylor Swift sang her beautiful song “Ronan”….You sure have a way with words that explains so eloquently what I’m sure anyone who has lost a child feels !!! Thank you for sharing this with us. All the best for a safe, healthy delivery of your little Poppy !!! God bless your beautiful family.

  24. Yay, for telling it like it is! I love reading your blog and I love you even more after your last couple posts! Here’s to being true to your truth! Much love to you and yours!

  25. I have been following your blog for probably 6 months and haven’t ever commented until now. I Just want to say unless people have walked in YOUR shoes then they don’t know how they’d feel and need to watch what they say!! Prayers for your family and new baby to be!!
    Tuscaloosa, Alabama

  26. trying to do a little investigating of this web page….cant find it, but interestingly it is connected to a web site where you can set up and track “email campaigns”. I suspect this is an anti-gay campaign and you may have caught their attention. Too bad the “person” doesn’t have the courage to put their name to something. Lots of cowards out there, but that’s not surprising. You are correct, give them no free net time. Their kind of dying out….time is on reason’s side.
    More importantly, I wanted to say that while I cannot fathom your loss, I respect your courage. Thank you for being a proponent to fight children’s cancer. Many, many of us sending our best wishes and strength to you each day

  27. Hey Maya – I’m from Minnesota and adore you! But not is a creepy stalker way LOL. Thanks for always speaking the truth.

  28. Dearest Maya, you are R-O-M-A-Z-I-N-G !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m always at a loss for words when I try to comment, or when I do comment… I always think that if I ever saw you in person, I would just say your name and look at you while both smiling and crying, unable to say anything else… It’s like that when I comment here too. It’s like my heart is outside of my chest when I read your words. Your words tear me open and your words linger. But your words also make me stronger, in so many ways. You and your family are a part of my day-to-day. Thank you, thank you, and I’m so very sorry, always…

    I’m always so shocked to hear that such heartless, ugly people take it upon themselves to try to hurt you. It’s insane to remember that such people are out there, doing and spewing all kinds of hate. Anyway, they are no match for your awesomeness!!!!!!!!!! (That Minnesota hater’s email is now invalid– I sent a sweet litte message which was bounced back as undeliverable. whatever)

    Tons of love to you always…Elizabeth

  29. Amen sista!!! My very best friend and God Mother happens to be Gay….and also happens to love more thwn anybody else I have ever met. She deserves to habe the same rights as us! I am so happy you told that a hole to shove it! Your an inspiration even when on a rant girl! Xoxo

  30. Hi Maya,
    Thank you for letting me get to know you and Ronan and the rest of the Thompson gang. Your blog always has a way of putting my life in perspective. Whenever I’m having a “bad” day at work, I always come here to remember what is really important. I have a healthy 1 year old daughter. No hospitals. No doctors. No medications. How on earth could I ever have a bad day? I promise to never take her for granted, and to never let pediatric cancer be far from my thoughts and in my daily conversations with friends and family. Also, anybody who doesn’t like Ellen can suck it! πŸ˜‰


  31. Love Ellen, love equality, freedom of speech, love your blog and reading about what a great mother you are. I am glad you have the courage to speak your mind and share it with those who choose to read your blog. You always make me feel that I can be an even better mother and person.

  32. Hi! I’m 14 I love reading you blog. Seems more often then not they leave me in tears. You along with others with children who have cancer are the bravest and the strongest of them all. I also want to mention many people have famous pop stars as there idols, I don’t you are my idol and forever will be. I wanna be strong and caring like you are one day. Fly High Ronan love you Bud your in my prayers everynight. I pray that you’re safe. God Bless your family. Xx

  33. How can people not like Ellen, she is amazing, I love her. Your such an amazing person, and I read your blog everyday, I love hearing about your day, and how much love you and Ronan had for each other, and when I have kids I hope that I can be a fraction of a mom as you are

  34. Maya,
    You’re an amazing woman who speaks nothing but the truth. The people who leave nasty comments have nothing better to do with their time than to track your every move, which is actually a little creepy that they have that much time on their hands. Its a shame that will all that time they have to do something negative and not take your message and share it with everyone they know to help fight this terrible thing called cancer that has effected way too many poor, innocent children. Keep preachin’ (:

    p.s. this song makes me laugh & makes me think of you & this exact post !!

  35. Gooood for you,I wouldn’t post anything neg. either!! Maya you are as human as the rest of us are, we all have false about us and we all have issues in our lives we deal with all in such a different ways, toooo many people want to fix things,perhaps starting with them selves and not judging would be the perfect start and our world would already be more pleasant! I think your wonderful and I don’t even really know you, but I cried when your sweet baby passed and I love my family sooo much more because of your situation and others like you out there, my kids and grand kids are my world and its just way to much to worry about or even give a negative nancy any attention what so ever! Your so awesome keep fighting and keep your head up:) Karen

  36. Thanks Maya,

    I stand by you in this fight to end childhood cancer and raise awareness. No matter how hard it is to read about your pain I will always be there to relive it with you. It’s so nice to know that you share in my family’s fight for equality with me. My three beautiful kids have two mommies and they are loved beyond measure. I’d gladly give up equality to bring Ronan and all the other kids back. But as we look forward maybe with strong mothers like us we can change this world. One love!!!

  37. Well said Mama, fuck the haters! Us ‘normal people’ love you & Ro unconditionally, we’ve got your back always! ❀ #rolove

  38. Don’t worry, you have tons of love and support from the rest of us true and logical people up here in Minnesota! :). I think he forgot our Minnesota nice rule…… Maybe we should boot him out! Any takers?

  39. i’m speechless,you getting hate mails!?some people are full of shit.never ever listen to such idiots who are living a life full of fears and lies,you’re wonderful with a good heart!!!<3

  40. How any could ever criticize you is beyond me… You’re amazing and fabulous and if anyone ever tells you different you tell them to stick it where the sun don’t shine. I’m so happy that there are people like you in the world. You’re my superhero Maya, and so is Ronan. Thank you for being the cancer fighting ninja/human rights activist that you are:)

  41. I think I know who is doing that to you. She trolls a lot of cancer patients and their parents or care givers on the internet. She started out as a cancer support community admin, and then resigned, only to blame a teenage cancer patient for her resignition. She also claims three generations of her family suffered and died of cancer, but she hates cancer victims and their families! She went so far as to email my husband behind my back and tell him that I was secretly having affairs, how he shouldn’t marry me, and other dramatic stuff. I feel bad for anyone who is harassed by her, because I had the opportunity of driving her off of the internet, and I failed. I apologise to you for this.

  42. Dear Maya,
    I just met you and your beautiful family today. I wish I had met you before you lost your blessing, Ronan. I love your strength, and your love. I know about grief, too. I hope that the haters that make those remarks remember that karma sneaks up on you. Haters r gonna hate, lovers r gonna love. I have read your entire blog today, and what an amazing family you all are. I sincerely pray for the families suffering through childhood illness, no one deserves those prayers more then they do. I can think of no, single, greater loss than that of a child. It preys on the defenseless, and takes the most vibrant from us. I just thought your blog gave me some further insight, more than anything else I have ever read.
    Thank You for sharing your journey with us, it gives me hope that there is another side.
    Sincerely and with love,
    Mary King

  43. I really do enjoy following this blog and love your latest post. Like you say, if you don’t like what you’re reading, move on! Over the course of the time that I’ve followed I can tell that you are getting stronger and stronger and know that so many changes will come because of you and your love for Ronan! You do rock and I will always follow….

  44. You crack me up. Just caught up with your blog as life has kept me away for a bit. Love your response to the DBags and happy you don’t let them take too much of your time. There’s always gonna be stupid Haters. Anyway. ..high five…. And keep up the good work! So many are proud of you!

  45. Arg! It’s disheartening to see that there are still SO many people out there that just SUCK!! I too am completely dumbfounded that YOU of ALL people would get HATE MAIL!! But…I truly believe people like that WILL reap what they sow and get what they deserve. I’ve seen it firsthand. Keep on trudging along, Maya!! You and your family are beautiful people…the kind of people who light up an otherwise dark and dreary world. ❀ to you and your family! Ronan would be proud of his Mommy!!!

  46. As a fellow Minnesotan, I want to apologize for this person’s lack of compassion and just plain stupidness! She is a disgrace to Minnesota and should keep her close minded remarks to herself. We are not all that crazy up here! πŸ™‚

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