I love you


I watched this video a lot yesterday. It only added to my breakdown. I miss your squeaky little voice, so much. I love you, Ronan. I’m so sorry.


24 thoughts on “I love you”

  1. I loooove this video. It simultaneously makes me smile and breaks my heart. He should be here. Fuck you, cancer

  2. This video speaks volumes about the horrendous loss you must feel and why your grief doesn’t seem to get better even 2 years later. I watch this video and wonder, “How is this survivable?”

  3. I’ve been reading the blog for a few months now, ever since Taylor released her song for Ro. I guess that due to the point of view that the blog’s written in, I sometimes forget Ro’s age and in my mind I have an idea of someone who is older, stronger, and way too wise (Don’t get me wrong, he deffinitely is one of the strongest people), but after watching this video the fact that he is just a little kid finally caught up to me. It made me realize just how horrible this experience must have been for him, and still is for you. It also made me realize that you are just as much of a fighter as he is, and I think that what you’re doing is something admirable and deserves much more recognition than it gets. You’ve helped my sixteen-year-old-self realize that there are still brave and courageous people in the world, (people like you, and Ro, and Taylor, and every other kid you’ve spoken about in your blog), and that they’re not just something made up or that only exist in books. I love the way you don’t give up, the way you will stand strong with your beliefs and ideas. It takes a lot to do what you’re doing for Ronan and all those kids, and I can’t help but think that if everyone stood up for their own cause, the world wouldn’t be as messed up as it is today.
    I completely adore this foundation and what it stands for. And even though I never met him, I have a soft spot for Ronan too.

    Thank you for being such an amazing role model, God knows we need more people like you ♥

    Iliana L.

  4. Oh Maya, my heart breaks more for you with every
    picture, every video. Keep on fighting. My tears for Ronan are there with you. You are such a good momma. Your husband and boys and Popstar are blessed. I hope you know how truly wonderful you are.

  5. This video is bitter sweet. Makes my heart break even more for you & your loss. It also makes us all appreciate our little ones more. Wish I had a magic wand to change things and make them better. Your an amazing Mother Maya don’t ever forget that!

  6. My God, I miss him so much and I never met him. I just can’t imagine your pain. Breaks my heart everyday. Always thinking of you and Ro. And your family.

  7. hi maya, this video breaks my heart. I have fallen in love with your ronan. in another one of your videos, the way he says ‘mama’, when you ask him who his best friend is makes my heart hurt. He was adorable and so perfect. also, I was thinking that maybe you are worrying that ronan will think you are forgetting him with preparing for this new baby and falling in love with her? I know its not rational etc etc but if I was in your place, I know that would be one of my many endless worries.. I wish I could do something to change that or just bring Ronan back, but I hope you are ok, and that Poppy brings back magic, laughter, endless love, and joy to your life, and I hope she has Ronan’s fire in her. I adore you and your family, Maya, and I love and miss Ronan.

  8. Also, I wish I had known Ronan…and I choose to 100% believe that someday, in some afterlife, you WILL get to see and hold him again. He was precious.

  9. What an amazing little boy. The world is a better place for having had him in it.

  10. So special, there is no love better, or more perfect. It changes you forever. He was a beautiful, beautiful boy.

  11. a mothers love holds back the tears and puts on a smile despite the hurt on the inside. there is no such love as a mother’s love and no stronger bond than a mom and child. he never was scared because, you, as a mother was brave. there are no words of comfort that can be spoken. just know that you are making a difference in a lot of kids lives and you make me want to be a better person and mom.

  12. Maya,
    I am so sorry that you had to lose a part of you nearly two years ago. I cannot even imagine your pain. I miss Ronan and I didn’t even meet him. Thank you for introducing him to me through your blog. He was a blessed little boy to have you as his “best friend”. May you find peace and joy with your new little girl. I believe that she is a thank you gift from Ronan to you for being the best mother he could have wished for.

  13. Cutest video ever! What a sweetheart, his I love you and personality are just so beautiful. Ronan I’m sure your looking down on your mom and so proud of her and everything she’s doing for you and all the other children who need someone to speak for them. Your amazing little guy ❤

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