7 responses to “This explains why I will never support the American Cancer Society. They do nothing for our kids except use them. Making money off of our kids for your huge salaries!?!? NOT COOL!”

  1. Does anyone have any statistics on the Canadian Cancer Society? I assume it’s not much different. Just wondering if they are worth supporting.

  2. I found something online today which exposes the frauds that people donate to with Am Cancer Society, Goodwill and many others….http://www.charitynavigator.org/

  3. Patricia Wanderer Avatar
    Patricia Wanderer

    Just checked these people OFF our list to ever give a penny to….they should all be ashamed!!!

    Sam Novak’s Anna~~

  4. This makes me sick. That they are parading around cute, bald-headed children but doing NOTHING to actually champion for them, is disgusting. I shared this on Facebook and will shout it from the rooftops. It really makes you think twice about every charity you donate to.

  5. I have been telling people how much ACS sucks. I think in most cases it’s sinking in when I tell them. Then I mention smaller organizations such as yours which have a very personal stake in all of this. Your goal is to help save these children, not to make money from their suffering. ACS has a local donation call center that I sometimes drive by, and it makes me sick to look at it.

  6. You may already be aware but a sweet boy in upstate my is currently in treatment at CHOP for stage 4 Neuroblastoma. He had responded well to treatment though the trial they are a part of has stopped. While his family is from rural NY and is struggling hard to just get by so might not be able to raise alot of awareness I would think his and his families experience would be invaluable. Look for him on FB – Julian’s joust.

  7. Hi Maya,

    I love reading your blog and your passion is one of your best \(and my favourite) qualities! I have no doubt that you and your passion will be the reason that childhood cancer WILL have a cure one day!

    I’m not trying to play devil’s advocate because I definitely agree that the American Cancer Society has some explaining to do about the amounts they pay their CEO and employees BUT when you open your cancer facility and in your not-for-profit endeavors please listen to this Ted Talk on social enterprise and social entrepreneurship:

    It doesn’t have all the answers, but I think there are many interesting and inspiring ideas here on how to make not-for-profit companies successful in what they aspire to achieve.

    Can’t wait for your next update!!


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