It’s 3 a.m. I’m Awake Obsessing About that Petition…





I have been dreaming non-stop about this petition. Woody thinks there is no way we are going to get the signatures that we need. I love to prove my husband wrong, but so need your help. We only have until February 6th, to do this.

Please, sign this. It’s legit. It takes one minute. I don’t know what else to say except I cannot let Ronan down. I can’t let all these kids down who need this awareness so badly. If the awareness already existed for childhood cancer that it is so lacking when Ronan got sick, he may not have died. I can’t bring back Ronan, but I swear to you, I will help to save the kids of the future who will be diagnosed with cancer.

Please, please, please sign if you have not, and share this with anyone you can think of. We are running out of time just as these kids are and it is just not right.

Thank you.



46 thoughts on “It’s 3 a.m. I’m Awake Obsessing About that Petition…”

  1. I’m awake at this hour as well. Another grieving mother. Thank you for the reminder to sign the petition, which I just did and posted to FB. Tina (

  2. Maya, your non US citizen readers may wish to know that they too can sign the petition. I just did. Though I don’t live in the US, I donate to US charities and buy a lot of US made products so I feel it’s ok to voice an opinion here. Also, it’s perfectly legit with the US gov.

  3. The Fitzgerald Cancer Fund Facebook page has a great Facebook banner for light the White House Gold.
    When you sign the petition in addition to posting it, leave a comment on any other blogs that you read with a link to the petition. If we can get other bloggers to post it as well we can get this petition signed in no time.

  4. I’m trying mama! I hate to be a pushy person on FB but I reposted, e-mailed my family and then messaged the link to another facebook page – Lose it for Brooke. They have over 2,000 followers so I hope that helps! She has relapsed neuroblastoma, a friend of ours started the page. My husband is helping to organize a race in her honor, probably not until next fall. I suggested that the proceeds go to Ronan’s foundation. I hope it happens. Love to you and your family. Ronan was a light that should not have gone out…I hope the rest of the pregnancy goes well. Congrats on the run too! Well to Dr. Sholler at least 🙂

  5. I’ve signed your petition right away and e-mailed it to as many people I can think of. I also tell everyone I see about it. I cannot believe it does not have enough signatures already. I am so frustrated over this. I am not on Facebook, twitter etc… but has anyone contacted Taylor Swift, Katie Couric, or Justin Bieber.
    My son who just turned 3 has a rare cancer.
    People please sign this for Ronan, Ty, and all the other children who lost their lives to this horrible disgusting disease and for all the children who are fighting for their lives now.
    Lisa – Long Island

  6. Maya I promise I wont Give up! Everyday I copy and paste all of the petition info along with one of your Blog enteries on every page on Facebook I can find. We can do this! We will do this!

  7. Maya….please please please post an update on the signatures needed every night. When you post about the petition the numbers go way up. Maybe a nightly reminder is what everyone needs. I’m a little saddened that it is taking this long. To me its a no brainer. I post a numbers update on Facebook every night. I don’t give a shit about being annoying….because its that important to me. I know if you post something every night we well get there. I just know it.

  8. I recently read on another blog that the Ricky Lake show is possibly doing a show to promote greater knowledge and advances in the field of childhood cancer, perhaps the show could help. I have signed the petition and I am so hoping that the white house is painted gold I have told everyone I can to sign the petition.

  9. I have posted the link several times on my Facebook page and no one has even made a comment. It’s like they’re afraid.

  10. I think we can do it.I think that we will not let Ro down.We will do this for him and other kids as well.We can beat that motherfucker disease.My friends are spreading the word too.

  11. Consider it done! I’m spreading the word on Facebook. I’m hoping everyone else does too. Ronan and you are moving mountains! Mountains, Maya, FREAKING MOUNTAINS!

  12. Maya – Is there anyway to have people sign a printed copy. I have emailed and Facebooked this and will go door to door if I need to. I think some people are not signing because they might be leary about doing it online. I don’t know if they still do paper petitions but I thought I would ask. -Michelle Brown

  13. I don’t get it Maya – I’m afraid there are people that have signed other petitions like this (there have been a few floating around) and wrongly assume this is the one they signed and haven’t signed again? I can see NO other reason why with all the posts going on FB and with your blog and Cindy’s blog and Taylor’s blog and Jonathan Agin on HuffPo talking about it – I cannot fathom WHY it doesn’t have 25K signatures – by now it should have 100K. I just can’t wrap my head around this – unless it’s just as simple as too many people that haven’t been affected by this are just keeping their heads buried up their ass!!!! But I have to imagine there are more then 25K cancer warrior supporters out there so what is their excuse?!?!? I don’t get it……

  14. I signed! God Bless you Maya! All of your blood, sweat and tears WILL change the face of Childhood Cancer in this country. I started following your blog after hearing Taylor Swift sing Ronan. I was instantly drawn into the love you have for that little boy. You can feel it in your words. I am a Cancer patient. WhenI was first diagnosed people asked me if I asked why me, my answer, is the same now as it was then, How can I be upset when every hour a Child is diagnosed with Cancer and their life hasnt even really started. Only then to find out my Chemo and following 2 years of treatment was a cake walk compared to what Ronan and other precious children go thru. Until Ronan’s story, I had no real idea and still dont. As a mother of two though I understand the fight for your children. You would do anything so they never hurt. You can and will do this! Thank you for educating the masses and defying the odds!

  15. Maya–
    I am sure you already realize this–but the petition needs just about 11,000 more signatures. Your blog has 11,000,000 hits–that is like a measly .1% of people reading needing to sign. Now I get that technically there are not 11,000,000 readers–as there are some cray crays out here like me who may stalk this precious sad inspiring little place often–to honor Ronan and his life–you and your journey and to remind ourselves of what is at stake. While I really just do not understand how the peition numbers weren’t reached the first fucking week I think they are totally attainable. You will do this–your army will do this. It makes me angry that it even takes repeated requests or begging at all. Why won’t people take 2 minutes to sign it. I do NOT understand. Love you, Quinn, Liam, Ronan, Poppy girl–and your Woody–it is good for him to be wrong sometimes–and I know he would be elated to be on this one. !

  16. I have posted and posted and posted…Ive posted nice, Ive posted angry…I have signed and begged Jillians 4300 followers to help. Its easy, in Oct the White House WILL be pink. No petitions…no fight. Just is. Its a damn shame that us cancer parents, parents of MURDERED children, survivors and fighters have to BEG for awareness, funding, and hope that at the end of this…a cure. So, that people will know…kids het cancer too! …its horrid and it destroys their childhood….if it doesnt take it all together. Danny Thomas, St Judes is quoted as saying, ” No child should DIE, in the DAWN of life.” How true is that!!!!????…and lighting the White House Gold is just the beginning….but, Oh how sweet it’ll be to see the sparkle of Gold in September…AWARENESS!!!

  17. i cant believe there arent more signatures. We should be Over the 25,000 requirement, instead of needing more than 10,000. It really does give me a sick feeling,what can we do to make people care and sign this thing?? I will continue to share and hope hope hope that people will take 2 minutes to sign this for our kids.

  18. I just signed the petition and shared on facebook…..We can do this!!!…cant wait to see the whitehouse gold in September….Keep uup the fight momma you are a true BADASS!!!

  19. I did sign, post it to Facebook, and twitter. If I could sign a thousand times I would. Love you and Ro. Xoxo, Alex

  20. RoMama,

    I’ve been behind you in this ugly thing called CANCER since Dec 2010.
    I’ve signed, shared, text, tweet, FB… and I pray that the white house turns GOLD. If i could sign every day I would many times over. For RO! Always #ROLOVE!!!! and for all the other kids that have and will… FUCANCER!!!!

    Thinking of you always,

  21. Hi Maya…
    I know this sounds crazy. But, is there anyway you can write a short summary, and why this is so important to you for the petition, with the link? I have been following your blogs for about 8mnths now. I want to help so bad. I would like to txt all my friends and family. Basically like a chain txt. I really think it work. Maybe put it in your blog, then I can take a pic of it with my phone, then send to everyone. I just know that people do not read there emails so much, as to appose there TXT msg/ing. Just trying to help you and many others 🙂 sorry if that sounds ridiculous with the txt thing.

  22. I posted it on my Facebook again… So disappointed… I have hundreds of friends and only three signed:( let’s hope its different this go around! I will post it every day ! Everyone share this on your Facebook! I called my dad who lives 3000 miles away and told him he had to sign!

  23. Maya,
    I just signed the petition (14 366) and I live in Canada. No excuses people! We want GOLD everywere. Rolove always..xx

  24. The signatures jumped around 2K from when I checked yesterday. Keep spreading the word and letting other childhood cancer groups also canvass their supporters so that we can make the goal to raise awareness and force it onto the national stage. People being afraid to look at pediatric cancer because it is “too uncomfortable” has to end. We can’t let the legions of parents thta have their children diagnoses with cancer, or worst ye, losing their child to cancer, grow anymore. Time to take the stand and demand action… and this is the first step!

  25. I’m shocked that it doesn’t have enough signatures already. If everyone following this blog and everyone who liked The Ronan Thompson Foundation on Facebook signed the petition, it would have exceeded the amount of signatures needed. I have signed and I post it everyday on Facebook. I’ve gotten a few more signatures but won’t stop posting until that goal is reached. I just don’t understand how people see the petition and know what it can do but still choose not to sign it. If we can get the White House lit GOLD for the whole month of September awareness will increase. When awareness increases, funding increases and that makes it one step closer to finding a cure. It literally takes 2 minutes to do. These kids need a voice. Be that voice. If you haven’t signed the petition..stop what you’re doing and SIGN! P.S. – FU Cancer !

  26. Just signed=) texted some people…it would kill me if it doesn’t get to be gold. I would sign it a million times if I could

  27. I’ve been blasting FB posts & emails here in Indy & throughout the Midwest over the past 24 hours. Hitting up a connection I have at Pepperdine in Malibu this evening!

  28. Tried to sign it but am having a problem that other people may be experiencing as well. When I try to reset my password (because I forgot it), it tells me to enter my email, click submit and instructions on how to change it will be emailed. I have done this several times and have never received an email. Just wondering if other people are experiencing this as well?

  29. Maya-

    I too have been obsessing over this petition as well….. I so much want to see you achieve this! I know how much this means for you to do this for Ronan and all the kids with cancer….. I check to see how many signatures are needed so many times a day. I have been trying to think of ways to get this out there too. I have emailed the link and asked everyone to forward it to everyone they know and keep passing it along. I pray everyday that this happens! I just checked again and I can not believe how many signatures have happened just from this morning……. I will keep praying you reach your goal, hopefully before the deadline that way you don’t have to stress over it and you and Poppy can get some much needed rest.

  30. To everyone who is dedicated to reading this blog, supporting Maya, and loving Ronan – please sign this petition. Maya has over 11 MILLION hits on this site!! There is no reason why she cannot get enough petitions signed! Please take two minutes and SIGN!

  31. It takes less than a minuet to sign and Darcy’s right, if this sight has over 11 million hits, why can’t it get 25,000 signatures? It is not hard, takes no time at all and is for a really really REALLY good cause. We can’t let Ronan down. We can’t let all those other kids down. Take a minuet and sign. Not hard to do people.

  32. I just registered my other emails accounts and voted 4 more times! Not sure why I didn’t think about doing that sooner. Duh! Anything for Ro and all these beautiful babies who deserve much much better.

    While I am so proud to donate anything I can to the research for better treatment and want a CURE for NB and then all the other asshole cancers….do you or any of these amazing blog readers know of any organizations funding research for finding the cause. Seems to me we need to have lots and lots and lots of funding and research on both ends. Childhood cancer seems so rampant and just like fertility issues, increased rates of Autism, food allergies, and on and on and on….there just has to be some environmental trigger.

  33. You will get it! its already on its way.. I signed and posted it on Facebook. I am a mother of 3 children and even though i have never experienced anything of such pain. your pain grabs my heart every time i read your blog..keep staying strong and doing the hard work you are doing. You have given all your readers hope..

  34. Maya,

    If you really would like some help to complete this petition, I highly recommend that you post your story on Reddit. It is an enormous community and I bet they would be willing to help you reach your goals. 🙂

    Lots of love to you and your family.


  35. We are going to get enough signatures!! I had several friends and family sign it, but I’m to the point I’m going to directly ask everyone I know if they’ve signed it!! I believe it’s that important!! I believe if this comes accross Obama’s desk that he will say yes and that’s why I feel the desperate need to get this done, along with you:) Is there any celebraties or other newsouts we could use to spread the word?? I’m going to brainstorm and find more signatures!!

  36. Another cancer warrior, 2-year-old Matthew Robert Pierce, at this very moment is fighting for his life from ALL with a critical fungal infection of his lungs – his mom is pulling all the strings to bring awareness and signatures to this petition — even by twittering Mrs Obama this gut-wrenching letter from her son. Let’s hope she gets to read it:

    “Dear Mrs. Obama,

    I am writing to make you aware of an evil far more harmful to the children of America than obesity. It’s called pediatric cancer and kills more American children than any other disease. There has been much talk and new la…ws being passed to protect children from gun violence but no one in the White House seems to care that every day in America 7 children will lose their lives to cancer. There will be 46 new children diagnosed with cancer each school day, that is enough children to empty two classrooms. You may also find it worrisome that in the United States, the incidence of a child being diagnosed with cancer is increasing at a greater rate than any other age group, except for those over 65. Your own daughters may not ever get cancer but the chances of your grandchildren being diagnosed with cancer rises with each passing day. Surely, as first lady of the United States the fate and future of all these American children weighs heavy on your heart but as a mother in a position to make a difference this little cancer kid is begging you to help the children of America wage war on cancer.

    The problem is that childhood cancer research is vastly and consistently underfunded. The National Cancer Institute’s Federal Budget is about $5 billion dollars. Less than 3% of that $5 billion dollars will go to the research and treatment of the 25 different types of known pediatric cancers, each type requires their own research. Pediatric cancer is not only grossly under-funded by the government; it is also largely ignored by private drug companies. Pharmaceutical companies fund over 50 % of adult cancer research, but virtually nothing for kids. Private funding from various cancer organizations only donate 1-3 cents for every dollar donated to pediatric cancer. Now new chemo therapies have been approved in 20 years and cancer research has reach stagnate levels. There is so much room for improvement even throwing a few more pennies our direction would help further research but Mrs. Obama I ask you is my life and those of so many other children only worth a few pennies? I am only 2 years old but even I can see that clearly American children with cancer are not adequately supported in their war against cancer. It’s no wonder that even though survival rates have increased many survivors suffer lifelong ailments, secondary diseases, and short life spans. As our first lady I ask….. is this the best America can do?

    Mrs. Obama I call you to immediate action. My life and thousands of other children’s lives are dependent on you. Your change may not come in time to save my life…you see I am on life support machines. I happen to fall into a small group of babies who are born with cancer and after two years of treatment my lungs are failing me and I can no longer breathe on my own… cancer treatment has been very hard on my little body. There is a saying in the cancer world that if your disease doesn’t kill you your cure will, we don’t just need a cure we need better treatment options. Though I am fighting with all my might and doing everything I can to further cancer research there still is no cure for my disease and cancer will most likely take my life. Yesterday I heard my mother crying near my bedside she was upset that after 6 long years a cancer research bill aimed attacking cancer’s most dangerous forms finally passed in Congress…but it was all to help adult cancers in that bill was no mention of accelerating research towards the pediatric cancers that also come with those same nearly zero survival rates. Actually there was no mention of helping pediatric cancers at all. My mom says no one cares enough to make a change and even a petition proposed this past December designed at appointing a pediatric oncologist to the National Cancer Advisory Board as an elected voice for children fighting cancer failed to get off the ground because it was unable to obtain the 25,000 needed signatures. My mom was so sad and said that all the of children’s lives that cancer has taken should be signature enough. What do you say Mrs. Obama?

    Mrs. Regan waged war on drugs and Mrs. Bush I think her big thing was literacy and I suppose you could make it your mission to end childhood obesity, plant gardens, and get America to volunteer…all are noble in their own right…or you can do something far more difficult but great and noble as well…you use your position as First Lady to wage a war on cancer. I will end this letter with one of your inspiring quotes that stated “We want to give our kids that sense of limitless possibility; that belief that here in America, the greatest country on the planet, there is always something better out there if you’re willing to work for it.”—The First Lady.

    Does the part that states “Our kids” include children with cancer? If so Mrs. Obama will you support me and my fight against cancer. When my family voted for your husband this past November we were also voting for you…because we believe in you. Do you believe in me and the thousands of other children fighting cancer? If so then please show your support by signing the linked petition that proposes to adorn the White House in gold lights the month of September for pediatric cancer awareness month. It would be a small step of support to honor my fight and all the others who fight alongside me as well as our fellow fallen cancer warriors who have lost their lives this past year.

    Awareness and change can start with you.

    Sincerely Your Little Buddy,
    Matthew Robert Pierce

  37. We can do this! 7,500 more to go! Yesterday that number was well over 10,000! Keep sharing! I have been checking the number every hour!

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