Hot Off the Press! New Ronan Merchandise!!!


5 thoughts on “Hot Off the Press! New Ronan Merchandise!!!”

  1. Hi Maya,
    So cool!
    Just wanted to let you know that I got
    Ronan’s messenger bag from flipped bird a few weeks ago and I love it. I feel so close to you and Ronan everytime I wear it:)

    I am still unable to download Ronan by Taylor Swift on iTunes 😦 always get a message saying only available on USAiTunes..I wonder if I’m the only one who gets this message? Lol..( I’m in Canada) But if anyone knows how I can download it please let me know..I
    want to add it to my playlist..thanks

    Thanks and always thinking of you

  2. I LOVE the ‘Lovin Ronan Was Red’ idea. I’m going to see Taylor when she comes to Salt Lake and I would LOVE to rock that to the show.

  3. I think the possible reason why the petition hasn’t reached its goal…for anyone trying to get a new log-in to, it pops up that the site is under construction. I finally realized that I had an account from the last time you posted a petition and I was FINALLY able to sign it!!! It sucks, BIG TIME, if the site construction prevents the petition from passing!!!!! I just wanted to point this out so maybe you can find out a way around it:) Here’s to a GOLD WHITE HOUSE during Childhood Cancer Awareness MONTH!!!

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