AZ Foothills Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!


Thanks to whomever nominated me and all of you for voting. Humbled. You all are amazing.

Most Influential in Valley Nonprofit- Maya Thompson

Best Blog or Local Website- Rockstar Ronan

23 responses to “AZ Foothills Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!”

  1. wonderful news – congratulations!!

  2. Congratulations! The underlying reason you do this is and will always be hard and painful, but hopefully you can find some comfort in all of us who grieve with you and support you in this effort.

  3. Congratulations!!!

  4. Congratulations!! You are worth every vote and more Maya!

    And congratulations to @Alibeee!!! Lol. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. HAHAHA!!! Why thank you!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. YOU ROCK!!!

  6. YOU & ROCKSTAR RO are ROMAZING! congrats!!! YOU & RO are worth every vote and then some! Rockstars you both are! โค xo

  7. Thats great news!!

  8. Whoo hooo!! I voted for you! ๐Ÿ™‚ Congratulations!!

  9. Congratulations!


    Candace Botha Publisher, Sarasota Pet

    Tel: 941-405-4468

  10. Congratulations, Maya. No one deserves it more than you!

  11. Yay! Congrats Maya!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. With my family and preparing for Christmas. So very grateful for everything I have and so very grateful for your beautiful family who has shown me what really matters. Sending so much love.

  13. grahamforeverinmyheart Avatar

    I wanted to let you know that I just found your website today. I’ve added it to the collection of blogs, articles, songs, videos and more that I’ve been curating in memory of my 23 year old son (who was killed almost 31 weeks ago).
    My site is a place where bereaved parents and siblings can find the writings of other parents who are on the same sad journey. Hopefully even more people will learn about Ronan and about the efforts you are making to help cure other children.

  14. Hi Maya! I just want you to know I have been thinking of your family. My brothers and I are very blessed during this season with family giving us lots of gifts and also money. My brothers and I decided that this year any monetary gifts will be going to the ronan thompson foundation. Always remembering ronan and thinking of you and your family. Lots of love. Xxoo

  15. Congratulations! You and Ronan deserve every single vote, you’re doing amazing things. I don’t know whether you get to read every comment or not, but I just wanted to recommend a song to you. It’s called “World Spins Madly On” by The Weepies. It’s helped, and still helps, me through what seems like an endless tough time. Congratulations again Maya!

  16. I was feeling down on this Christmas Eve night because I was only able to give my 2 young children one gift each. I thought of your blog and realized there’s nothing to be sad about. Thank you for making me realize what’s really important, sweet little Ronan. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Maya, I am not surprised that you won that award. You and Ro deserve it!! I won’t tell you to have a Merry Christmas, but I hope that next Christmas, your baby will make you smile, and hopefully laugh. I hope that happens today, too. After presents this morning, my sisters and I went outside. I checked the mail, and guess what I found! Rockstar Ronan bracelets! I ordered them a couple day ago, and I think that Ro made them come on Christmas. They are the nice ones from Palmer Cash, my parents would flip out if I got naughty ones. Sending you love, Isabelle

  18. Congrats. You deserve it.
    I love your blog, but something about what you say bothers me.
    Its about Breast Cancer.
    i am 16 and was recently diagnosed. Very rare.
    You’ve complained about all of its attentions a few times, and I have read a lot of comments written by readers complaining about it, and it hurts a lot that you don’t think it matters. I am in danger of losing my life, and so are many other women and they deserve it all.

  19. Hey Maya,
    Sorry for my previous comment about breast cancer.
    You are amazing, and I was upset and wanted to vent.
    You rock.

  20. Super Wonderful!!! Things must change in the world of childhood cancer, NOW, not later. Keep going with it! I am snowed in in Dallas Texas (not really but beautiful snow), for a very rare change…and a White Christmas. You are being thought of and prayed for …….I love your Ronan….so, however it needs to be….it will happen! Keep on keeping on. I have watched my Mom keep on-keeping on , and she has had a purpose, like you do…it WILL happen .

  21. Ho Ho Ho yeah!

    Congrats! The best part is that I didn’t know this was a AZ blog! The home town crew is always the best. And what a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday!

  22. woo- hoo!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME

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