7 responses to “I love this article. Medicine is not always the answer. And my Dr. JoRo is mentioned!”

  1. This doesn’t have to do with this post, but I read this and instantly thought of you. Someone posted it in response to the newtown ct shootings.

    Please don’t ask me if I’m over it yet.
    I’ll never get over it.
    Please don’t tell me he’s in a better place.
    He’s not here with me.
    Please don’t say he isn’t suffering anymore.
    I haven’t come to terms of why he had to suffer at all.
    Please don’t tell me how you feel.
    Unless you’ve lost someone.
    Please don’t ask me if I’m feeling better.
    Bereavement isn’t a condition that clears up.
    Please don’t tell me at least you had your child for so many years.
    What year would you like your child to die?
    Please don’t tell me that god never gives us more than we can bear.
    Please just say your sorry.
    Please just say you remember my child if you do.
    Please mention my child’s name.
    Please be patient with me when I am sad.
    Please just let me cry.

    I also have to say, I admire you so much. I don’t agree with everything you say, but I respect you so much because you actually have the balls to say what’s on your mind. I have been reading those nasty comments om your other post and I’m thinking to myself, “if these people hate this blog so much, then just stop reading. Don’t post hateful and stupid shit” keep your doing what your doing mama maya ๐Ÿ™‚ your gonna change the world!

  2. Amy,
    you got that right on…. being hateful on someones post is only an insult to the wounded… Why? are you a bully? Do you feel better now… If you don’t like the post don’t read it… GET OFF SILENTLY! GO AWAY!
    Leave the suffering people alone… Go pick on other stupid people… Not those suffering..
    That’s All… ๐Ÿ™‚ The suffering will stick up for each other!!!

  3. I disagree with the sentence “most media play down the possibility that psychotropic drugs precipitated this tragedy”. If anything, that’s ALL we’ve been hearing about since the tragic event! We don’t even know what was wrong with Adam Lanza, if he was ill, or if he was on meds; everyone has jumped to conclusions like he was schizophrenic and preparing for the 2012 apocalypse. Tragedies like this are becoming more and more common and this simple-minded thinking from the media won’t help. Playing a video game doesn’t make someone a murderer. Taking a pill doesn’t make someone a murderer. Being bullied doesn’t make someone a murderer. It is so complex and the dead aren’t even buried and everyone is pointing fingers!

    Meanwhile – the whole country is still in shock. While this isn’t the biggest massacre in American history, it is the worst in my opinion. 20 out of 26 victims were little children, most 6 years old. It is so sickening that it’s hard to wrap your head around what happened, let alone why.

    And if I have to hear “God needed an angel” or “Everything happens for a reason” one more time, I’m gonna puke all over whoever says it, no lie :/


    I love the way you pronounce your grief, your believes and your unconditional love in your blog. Those blogs often make me sad though ….but they are what they are…I too say FYC VERYYYYY HAAAAARD ….too many small children die…FOR NO REASON at all ..

    warm hugs from a caring mother from Belgium, living in a small town where a 3 year old boy died way TOO SOON from neuroblastoma and he changed my life completely xxx

  5. hey Maya,i just wanted to show you some love,all these mean things really broke my heart;what is the goal to be mean to someone like you;who is dealing with so much pain?i really feel like you must have a heart sick to say mean things to you and any mean thing said will never be able to hurt you because you’re a million times better that idiots who say mean things to a mom who lost her child.Every little thing you do for Ronan,even the smallest is a huge,huge victory.No one has a right to judge the love between Ronan and you.Nothing can affect you Maya,your love for Ronan is stronger than anything invented on earth,and that love will always protect you.Me i believe in you so much even if we dont know each other.Sending love and hopes for you all

  6. Maya,
    I have to say I’ve never commented on your blog, but just been a lurker. But in light of the recent tragedies and loss of innocent children’s lives. I feel compelled to comment and let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog. I have gone back to the beginning and read your entire blog and have fallen in love with Ronan and you. You represent so many of us who don’t speak our minds, who hold everything in and stuff it way down deep. I can’t imagine living with your pain every day and I’m so sorry that you have had to go through the unimaginable, let alone what Ronan went through. But I’m thankful that becuase of you, Ronan lives on today through you and your words. I am thankful that he gives you the strength to fight!!! You are so strong willed and I know through Ronan you are making a difference in this world!!!

    Much love to your family this Christmas!!!

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