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  1. from the bottom of our hearts we wish you guys LOVE, HAPPINESS AND TRANQUILITY and tons of JOY RONAN WE LOVE!! thank you Maya for all that you are doing and changing this world little by little!!! may you guys have a safe holidays

  2. Well said, Maya…I’m so very sorry again that you and your beautiful family have to experience yet another holiday without Ronan. Thank you for all you are doing, for all your fighting against cancer. I do wish you as much happiness as you can find during the holidays and always, and I hope you all enjoy your trip. Sending you all love this holiday season from Florida…thinking of Ronan each and every day.

  3. Hi Maya, I’m sorry for your loss. But i want you to know that even though Ronan is gone, he is still with you in some way. You were and always will be his mother and he will never leave you alone. He is with you, giving you strength, supporting you. Just like everyone that know about this sad story. I’m just a girl of 13 years old, and even me, i’m supporting you, because that’s what you need right now, people who can help you in this part of your life. Ronan was lucky to have a mother like you, really lucky. Please, never forget that you aren’t alone, and that whatever you need there will be THOUSANDS of people helping you. Including me. Even though i’m thousand miles away and we don’t know each other, I pray for you and your family every single night, because you are people that despite your problems you continue fighting. Your story really inspired me. NEVER GIVE UP. Supporting you from Colombia

  4. I can only imagine the pain your family has gone through. Sometimes selfishly when I have had a bad days or the kids are driving me crazy I go to your webpage and read a blog. I feel foolish and then try to remember how lucky we are to have one more breath. Please know how much Ronan has touched us all even though we never had the chance to meet him.

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