As always, Dr. Joanne Cacciatore knows best. My mentor, friend, sister, mother, and Rolover.

We should have never had to know life, without you. You made us all so happy.
We should have never had to know life, without you. You made us all so happy.

23 responses to “As always, Dr. Joanne Cacciatore knows best. My mentor, friend, sister, mother, and Rolover.”

  1. Dear Maya,

    That photo took my breath away.


  2. Beautiful photo… thanks for sharing…

  3. That’s a beautiful photo of the three of you!

  4. this picture breaks my heart… Ronan was a beautiful child. Its not fair.

  5. Well that picture just shattered my heart. I wish so much that I could have taken Ro’s place. But wishing won’t get me anywhere so I will do whatever I can to raise awareness and funding for him and other children like him always.

  6. Fucancer!!!!!!!!

    Beautiful picture of a beautiful RoMama and her spicy monkey and their rock woodog!!!


  7. Terry Cralle, RN,MS Avatar
    Terry Cralle, RN,MS

    So beautiful. There are no words for our sorrow for your little man.

    Terry Cralle, RN, MS, CPHQ

    Sleep Health and Wellness Professional Certified Clinical Sleep Educator National Speaker and Consultant on Sleep Health c: 434-996-4670 w: 800-409-8489

  8. i love this picture, ronan and dad seem to have the same smile. thank you for this article, not everybody knows what to say.

  9. Photo took my breath away. just gorgeous.

  10. That photo made me cry. I just can’t stop the tears sometimes when it comes to that beautiful little boy. You all look SO HAPPY and I wish it could still be that way. It makes me so angry to know that something could have been done to stop the asshole that took him, but nothing was done because not enough people were aware… That really misses me off… But I know he’s changing that and so are you. You are doing some amazing things and I hope I can do the same. For Ronan, for Teddy, for Taylor Love, Talia Castellano, it makes me so sad, more than sad, that the list could go on so much longer… You’re going to change it Maya, I know you are and I’m going to help you do it if it’s the last thing I do in this life. Their lives are too precious to be put through so much pain, and in some cases, lost all together. It’s the worst thing that could ever happen and it’s happening all the time. It’s time to end it. Let’s do it! ❤

  11. Hi Maya,

    Ive been meaning to post a comment here for a very long time. I just havent been sure what to say. For years and years I have been a huge Taylor Swift fan. I adore her and her music is so honest goes straight into your heart. I watched the Stand Up To Cancer show on TV because I knew that Taylor Swift would perform. That was the only reason. Ronan´s song was the most amazing song and it really touched my heart and seeing the picture of him at the end just made me cry. I did not give much thought to childhood cancer before this. After this i found your blog and started to read from the very first day until the very last. It took me days and days to get through all the posts and some days I could barely read because it totally broke my heart. It really opened my eyes and gave me some perspective. I know you already know that he was the most beautiful boy in the world and his beautiful bright blue eyes just takes your breath away. I am so sorry that this happened to you and your family and I understand that there are many other families like yours out there. I am a Swedish girl living and going to school in Los Angeles and my question is, how do I help? What can I do and where do you start? I am a student and does not have any extra money to spare. But there must be other things you can do and I just dont know where to start.

    Keep up with all the great work you are doing, I believe in you!

    Best regards,

    Catrin Andersson

  12. Thank you! This was truly helpful.

    Always thinking of you and wishing you some kind of peace, if that’s even possible…

    Sending a hug,

    Mindy Kurkin

  13. This was in our news. I thought of you and how hard you are fighting child cancer…
    What he is doing with his time left is music… He’s becoming a huge hit his song is on you tube as well…
    Young Teen Suffering from Cancer Celebrates Life Through Music

    We had a friend that dies from this cancer… He found out just months after getting married when he broke his leg… He lived less than a year.

    I thought you might like his song…

  14. love seeing photos of Ronan again thanks for sharing him with us again!

  15. Will Flipped Bird be restocking the Ronan bags…went on to order today and everything is out of stock? Awesome! If they are restocking please post so we can check back in to buy!
    Thank you.

  16. I did not know about Ronan before I heard Taylor Swift`s song but I saw that you had a blog so I started reading it tonight. And broke down completely. Your son is gorgeous and it makes me so f*cking mad that he got cancer. It´s not fair. Why? What´s the point? I can go crazy just thinking about it.
    I have a 4 year old and a 6 year old that are healthy but cancer is so common that the worry always hangs like a dark cloud over me. Thank you so much for fighting for the kids that will get this disgusting disease. Keep your head high, you´re doing Ronan so proud.
    Much love from Sweden.

  17. Mathew 19;14 Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

  18. “The passion and the pain are going to keep you alive someday.” -The Great Escape by P!nk

    Ronan’s story changed me. Love to your family.

  19. Just love……Beautiful….

  20. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful picture. I wish for you some peace and to always be surrounded by the love and support of family and friends…and all of us that hold you and your beloved Ronan in our hearts.

  21. Michelle Dunshea Avatar
    Michelle Dunshea

    Hi Maya, I have posted this same letter on Ty Campbell’s page as well because we really need all the help we can get…..

    I really hope you don’t mind me posting this on your page but we really need help in raising more awareness here in Australia. Lucy from Neuroblastoma Australia has a chance to receive $5000 to go towards research into this deadly disease and I was hoping that you could help her by allowing this to be posted here so that your Aussie readers can have a chance to read her story and to vote for her dream in this competition (link provided below) to go towards this worthy cause. I lost my gorgeous grandson Jacob earlier this year and I personally know 4 other children who died around the same time as him, all within a few months. Lucy lost her daughter Sienna in 2010 and has been trying to raise awareness and funds for research ever since. She is holding her first ever Family Fun Day on the 2nd February 2013 (2nd of 2nd) in Sydney… Her focus is to make every 2nd Count and to stop childhood cancer research coming 2nd to adult cancer research… She has done an amazing job so far but we really need more followers and awareness here and hope that you can help as I know you have many followers all over the world because I have been following your journey as well as Ty Campbell’s for several months now (with many tears shared) and believe with all my heart that Ronan would love nothing more than to be able to help. Thank you in advance and God Bless you all. xx

  22. Oh Maya,
    I wish you were my friend, but you are not 😦

    I love you and ronnan dearly. I read for month never commenting.

    Don’t get me started on God. I was 19 when the war In Bosnia started, was a refugee in Croatia , Malaysia and finally settled here in the USA. Didn’t know if my parents were dead or alive for 4 years. Fuck it, it was awful. And people would tell me: god saved you. And I always make sure to correct them: no I saved me. I made decision to run away , the day was favorable ( as Serbs decided not to bomb the bus I was on), they decided not to take me out of the bus ( they took out many probably shoot them, rape who knows…)the bridge I was crossing exploded 2 days after and hundreds died on it trying to run away like me. If you ask me its all coincidence, luck, randomness … Not god that’s for sure. If he exists I am so angry with him since he allowed 360,000 people to be killed (50,000 children and babies including my neighbors and cousins). And they tell me god saved me and love me??? And all those people didn’t deserve it, like I am better than them. Fuck that again. When i had miscarriages people would say: your baby is an angel now, god loves it happened for a reason, and i reply: yeah the reason is i have septate uterus. LuckLy I hade 2 live births after that, Now 8 & 5 year old boys. Dario is Ronnan age. I feel for you. Everything you say I absolutely understand and you will not loose ME as your faithfull reader. Wtf is wrong with people??? OMG I didnt want this comment to turn to be about me.
    Maya, if you need help I am right here in Ann Arbor MI for you

    Love you and run for president!!!


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