You should all be so proud. You helped us do this. Thank you for your continued love and support!







The Ronan Thompson Foundation and Solving Kids’ Cancer award $100,000 grant to fund new therapeutic to treat children with neuroblastoma

New York, New York – November 30, 2012 – The Ronan Thompson Foundation and Solving Kids’ Cancer have announced a charity partnership to jointly sponsor breakthrough clinical research of a new therapeutic antibody for neuroblastoma. Together, they will award $100,000 to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) with the goal of improving survival for children with neuroblastoma, a deadly cancer that usually strikes infants and preschoolers.

This promising research will be conducted by CHOP physician-scientist Yael Mosse, M.D., who garnered international attention for her discovery of a mutation in the ALK (anaplastic lymphoma kinase) gene that occurs in some neuroblastomas. Changes, or mutations, in the ALK gene play a role in the growth of cancer cells and has also been linked to lung cancer and lymphoma. Researchers believe that an ALK antibody will directly target the tumor cells and also help the immune system to attack the cancer, reducing the risk of a future recurrence. The plan is to use the ALK monoclonal antibody in combination with an ALK inhibitor to benefit more patients. The ALK mutation only occurs in about 10 percent of neuroblastomas, but ALK expression is found on 90 percent of neuroblastomas. Recent early-phase research conducted in the lab showed that an antibody targeting ALK expression kills neuroblastoma cells.

“By working together, we can make the world a better place for children and their families who have been affected by neuroblastoma by bringing together the best doctors, research and treatments,” said Maya Thompson, the Founder of the Ronan Thompson Foundation. “We are very excited to be partnering with Solving Kid’s Cancer in supporting the work of Dr. Yael Mosse and her colleagues at CHOP to help find a cure for this disease.”

Work is now under way with an industry partner to generate and screen potential anti-ALK antibodies with the goal of commercial production. The Ronan Thompson Foundation and Solving Kids’ Cancer will commit the $100,000 joint funding to develop the antibody and required testing to bring this promising new treatment option to the clinic for children. The hope is that a small-scale clinical trial will quickly prove the therapy’s safety and effectiveness for use in trials throughout the U.S. and Europe.

“This collaboration is an example of pediatric cancer charities coming together to quickly bring the best, most innovative treatments to our children and ultimately improve survival for this deadly pediatric cancer,” said Scott Kennedy, the Executive Director of Solving Kids’ Cancer.




50 responses to “You should all be so proud. You helped us do this. Thank you for your continued love and support!”

  1. Awesome, wonderful, ROMAZING!!! This dirty beast should never take another baby!! Eat shit cancer!

  2. Since the Ronan song, I fell in love with Ronan. I gave time reading your blogs, Maya and talk about it with friends and colleagues. I even made a subscription so I may not miss a single post from rockstarronan!

    I smiled when you said “I hope cancer will get cancer so it will die”.

    I am happy about this news! This might be the cancer’s cancer…and eventually, it dies!

    Praying for your cause, Maya! I’ll find you in heaven, Ronan!

  3. RO-mazing Maya:) So happy for you and all that you are doing! I’m so happy you joined up with another charity that is as passionate as you. I live near CHOP and so happy to hear what they are doing. Truly amazing Maya. Lots and lots of love to you and your beautiful family.

  4. That is so amazingly awesome and wonderful news!

  5. Awesome!!! I have been praying and speaking out of neuroblastoma in our community. I find more people become aware and are willing to support the research. As I read more about it, I learn something new everyday. As being.g a nurse, I feel God pulling me to work more of a spokes person to bring people to understand. The hospital I support (St. Judes- in Memphis TN) has agreed to include more information and education about neuroblastoma and not just the medical effects, but what the family of a child with neuroblastoma go thru, and is now going to include neuroblastoma in there advertisements and Telethons. This has been a great and awesome accomplishment in honor of Ronan. Keep up your great work, and may God bless you Richly. Michelle On Nov 30, 2012 12:09 PM, “ROCKSTAR RONAN” wrote:

    > ** > rockstarronan posted: ” RESEARCHERS TO DEVELOP ALK-BASED > IMMUNOTHERAPY FOR NEUROBLASTOMA The Ronan Thompson Foundation and Solving > Kids Cancer award $100,000 grant to fund new therapeutic to treat children > with neuroblastoma “

  6. See.. You are doing it. Ronan is always right there beside you Maya! You are fighting and winning in your gorgeous sons memory and his legacy will never die.. Ever! From one mother to another, I love you, you, so much and I think about how painfully triumphant this is for you. Everyday I wake up thankful for your tender heart, and boldness, but most of all your bravery. Ronan Sean Thompson is still batting those beautiful lashes, and gazing the brightest blue eyes on his beautiful mama today and everyday. I know he’s so proud of his family and his foundation. Never in my life (35yrs) have I ever saw such a warrior like you. Honestly! I can’t wait to see you take this shit by storm and FUCK it all up for the greater good! For all these babies, and their families! Please don’t ever stop fighting! Please don’t ever stop yelling at the absolute fuckery! I love you, my kids love you, my family loves you and everyday since I’ve known about you, and Ronan, I’ve had such an overwhelming sense of compassion and respect for life and love. Thank you seriously from the bottom of my heart, for speaking out and being loud as you can!
    Another member of Maya’s mafia<3

  7. So very happy to see this. Love you, Ro, the boys, and of course Poppy.

  8. Thanks for helping make a difference. May this new development work and may it work quickly to help children suffering from cancer.

  9. Maya,

    Your Army is slowly gaining strength and hopefully someday soon even more can be done to know everything possible about pediatric cancer so it can be killed. Thank you so much for allowing the rest of us to understand how prevelant this disease is and making others aware and not just let it be a dirty little secret aymore.

    Nothing will ever take away your pain from losing your little man, but what you have been doing not only is keeping him alive in your heart, it is also sharing the love that you, your family and friends have for this special little boy. It is a difficult job, but you have shown the strength and have the support from those you know, and who have gotten to know you, through your blog to Ro.

    Thank you, for all of us that have been impacted by cancer attacking our children, or the children of our friends, or even those that have or are battling this beast.

  10. So amazing.

    Sent from my iPhone

  11. Wonderful news, Maya!

  12. Romama, YOU are RoMazing! You and Rockstar Ro are going to kick Cancers Ass with the help of Maya’s Mafia. So proud of you and Ronan! Wonderful news!!! YOU are making a difference. YOU are moving mountains! YOU & RONAN! RoLove always!! xo

  13. I think you are more awesome than you will EVER know. The words “inspiration” and “brave” do not do you justice, (and those words don’t even begin to describe what I think about your Ronan.) I’ve been a follower of your blog since I heard “Ronan” on youtube, I went back and read EVERYTHING from start to finish….I never commented as I didn’t know what to say, didn’t know the rights words to get past the tears and the very large lump in my throat with every entry I read. How much I wanted to scream and fuck someone up for what cancer does to families like yours. I think about Ronan and your family every single day. Even now, these words I write don’t convey how much you have affected me. My family and I love you and Ronan is in my thoughts daily. Keep on kickin’ ass! This news is ROmazing!!!!!!!!!

  14. This is amazing! Congratulations!

  15. Was feeling a little down until I read this post. Right on!!! About damn time!!! Keep it up, Maya! One small step leads to the marathon that is killing this fuckwad called childhood cancer! Keep up the gutter stomp on childhood cancer. We all have your back!!!

  16. Goosebumps and tears. What an incredible triumph. Ronan wins. Cancer loses.

  17. FUCK YES!!!! This is amazing news. I had tears reading this. Gosh, it is so cool to imagine a world where this treatment would be standard, and no more children would have to go through the torture and destruction of chemo and current treatments. Thank you, Maya, for all your hard work and commitment to finding the right doctor to make this all possible. So proud to be a part of your mafia 🙂 A big fuck you to cancer. Love to you, the fam, Ro and little Poppy ❤

  18. THIS IS SO ROMAZING!!! This is what happens when you Fight Like a Rockstar, and Love like never before! With you and Ronan, Cancer doesn’t stand a chance. Love you! ❤

  19. Way to go!!! A mom with a mission to save lives!! that is a true HERO!!!!

  20. This is beautiful. You should be so proud. Xoxoxoxoxo

  21. YES!!!! This was so amazing to read! I am so proud to support a foundation that is actually out to make a difference and change the lives of kids. This is such an accomplishment Maya!! Thank you for the updates and for getting shit done!! F U Cancer!!

  22. Such great news – thank you for sharing it & making it happen! Fuck you cancer!!!!

  23. …AMAAAAAAAAZING!!!!!! You are doing everything you sought out to do; a HUGE pat-on-the-back to you 🙂 On a separate note, I must say that I’ve never-ever-ever commented on a blog. For some time now, I’ve been wanting to, but simply haven’t- I’m not sure why. I learned about your precious Ronan and your family when I happened to be watching the Katie Couric Show. Since then, like so many, I’ve been reading your blog. I think about you and pray that life gets better… The other night, I was feeling a little down and was on YouTube trying to get a laugh out of watching old clips of comedians such as Chris Rock….(please don’t judge me! I really needed a laugh!!!) Anyway, as I was looking around, out of no where, in line with comedians such as Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy, etc, a video of you and Ronan came up. UNBELIEVABLE! How was that possible?!?!?!? I can’t explain it. It didn’t make sense that in searching for comedy clips, that would occur. Normally, something like this would freak me out, but instead, it made me smile. I watched it, shed a tear or two, and took it as a “sign.” Thank you for being an inspiration. FUCK YOU cancer!!!!

  24. Tears are rolling down my face right now. Yes I’m crying because I am so happy that you have made so much progress and this looks very promising and makes me extremely happy, but I am also crying because our babies missed out on so much because of this evil disease and it is too late for them and so many others. But it’s not too late for the babies here now and in the future…. Praying for the day the disease is finally a thing of the past… God bless you and Ronan… You and Cindy Campbell are truly my everyday heros. xx

  25. OMG Maya, this is amazing!!! Congrats!!! Let’s beat cancer up!!

  26. Oh gawd this makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside. Ro is amazing, and so are you. Your gonna change the world 🙂

  27. This is so absolutely AMAZING!!! For once I have happy tears running down my face after reading your wonderful blog Maya xx

  28. Suck on that cancer!! Fuck you!!! 🙂 That is awesome news Maya!!

  29. OUTSTANDING… I am so excited about this Maya, your efforts will save many. Ro Bless Maya!!!

  30. Yes!!! Amazing news!!!

  31. Super fantastic!! This is such awesome news!! You are awesome!!

  32. You said you would never stop until you found a cure, and you meant it. I believe you. Godspeed!

  33. Moving mountains, mama!!!

  34. Maya Thompson= my hero

  35. Soooooo freakin proud right now! Maya the world of childhood cancer is so lucky to have you!

  36. You are changing the world in honor of your son. There is nothing more admirable and amazing than this! Stay strong Warrior Maya. Ronan is so proud of you. He couldn’t be prouder of his beautiful, smart Momma. Take THAT cancer!

  37. This is fantastic! Congratulations!!!

  38. Awesomr, wonderful. Great work !

  39. Great News!

  40. hell fucking yeah!! way to go maya & ronan! hopefully this is the beginning of the end for fucking neuroblastoma! so proud! much love to you maya, & of course woody, liam, quinn, ro, & poppy xo

  41. Absolutely Fabulous! Congratulations Maya, Ronan is so proud of everything you do!

  42. This is absolutely freaking amazing! Wow!!

  43. Wow amazing….what a break through for the neuroblastoma and the pediatric cancer community!!!!

  44. Absolutely RO-mazing! I have read (and reread) your blog so many times & still cant fatham what you and your family go through every single day. I know now that I took life for granted with my precious babies (juice spills, muddy knees & tantrums). Never again. I cherrish everyday with my little girls thanks to your absolute bold courage to share your unbelievably handsome little mans story. Congrats to you, Congrats to Ronan, Congrats to everyone who never stood in your way & helped you on your never ending journey. May everyone who has the pleasure to be within fifty feet of you know that they are in the presence of a true angel. Keep on keeping on Maya, Ronan & family. ❤ Misty, Rhodee & Rave Ps: a big fuck you to cancer. (You're still accepting donations to kick cancer ass, correct?)

  45. Dr. Mosse is incredible women had the privilege of meeting her while voluneteering at CHOP. I’m a bedside buddy and read books to the little kiddies. Best feeling ever bringing a smile to child while they’re stuck at the hospital all day long. Make a difference people volunteer!

  46. Cancer cells have an incredible will to live but with you, Maya Thompson, on the warpath they better watch out! Congrats on this latest achievement! As a mom and a scientist, I knew I had to learn more about the boy in Taylor’s song and why modern medicine couldn’t fix him. I am truly sorry for all the pain he endured and for your loss. Thanks for sharing your story where your world comes crashing down – raw, real and painful. I catch myself hugging the kids more often and longer these days – my middle guy is just Ronan’s age, born May 1st. Another effect you’ve had on me is a new interest in neuroblastoma. Have to tell you that my research field is metastasis in melanoma. Remember Maya, that when you get your research building up and going, you will want metastasis researchers on board. It is those spreading cells that kill and that goes for all types of cancer including pediatric. Anyway, neuroblastoma and melanoma have the same embryonic origin and I realized i should go over some neuroblastoma research. Also, I think these foundations are great cause they support research directly. Way to go for you and your team! I am from Norway and getting research funding is a struggle. I tried to download Taylor’s song from iTunes, but it wasn’t available?? Only a national thing? I’ll keep trying. And I’ll keep reading.
    Lots of love from vigdis

  47. AMAZING ! So proud of you Maya ! We love Ronan !

  48. Fucking FANTASTIC!

  49. Yeah . Amazing ! So proud

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