First Annual Life Rocks Concert by Bret Michaels

There is a great event coming up this Saturday. It’s the First Annual Life Rocks Concert by Bret Michaels. Please buy tickets if you are in AZ and can come. It is not only going to be a great event, but a portion of the proceeds go for great causes, childhood cancer included. Love this man! He is doing really amazing things for others!

4 responses to “First Annual Life Rocks Concert by Bret Michaels”

  1. Maya,

    I’m sure you don’t remember me. My husband I met you in Sedoma with Jo after Ronan died. I’m sure I didn’t say the right things. I’m sorry is not really enough? But what the fuck is? I also lost well he’s not “lost”. He’s dead at 3 1/2 years old! So fucked! Anyway heard about the baby. We also had subsequent pregnancy. Our first girl, Hope. I got cancer 9 months after Braden died then found out we were pregnant thus my husband wanted the name Hope Brady. She’s the light in our family in the horrible darkness.

    The reason for my email. I’m obsessed with Brett. I’ve been waiting for this. I know it’s been in the works. I don’t have the connections you do. For a large donation do you think I could get quick pic with Brett. I’m brassed to EVEN be asking. But I know foundations do this all the time. I’ve tried soapy times locally to meet him. And of course his story is amazing! He’s a nice guy and good dad.

    Anyway. My husband said it wouldn’t hurt to ask. If I don’t hear back. Good luck to you and your family. I’d say Happy Holidays but we both know that is bullshit and so unimportant.

    Thanks Billie Freiwald

    “you’ll be in our hearts”

  2. Billie I am so sorry for your loss – and I can’t believe you’ve had to deal with a cancer diagnosis yourself. I hope you get a chance to meet Brett.

    Wish I was in AZ – I’d buy a ticket! Brett does seem like a really nice guy – and love seeing the way he supports Ronan and the foundation and that’s he’s working to raise awareness and funds for Pediatric Cancer.

  3. Bret is fantastic. I loved Poison, their first single was the first record I bought, a vinyl! Is great that he too is involved in this cause.
    Good luck!
    Love, Giovanna

  4. Nice! Brett Micheals is awesome! Love that he is doing so many good things for others, you are too Maya you really are moving mountains! I know we never met but I’m so proud of everything you do. Your strength, determination, and compassion is beautiful! You inspire me everyday.

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