Seriously, the BEST comment I have read in a long time. Thanks, Lisa;) Had to post it.

I too found out about Ronan and you because of Taylor’s song. I went to the very beginning of the blog and fell in love with Ronan. I watched you on Katie today and there are no words to explain the magnitude of this little boy. I read somewhere that he had a heart of gold, the same color that brings awareness to childhood cancers. Not a coincidence I’m sure. I do have to admit that at one point during the show I got lost in thinking “damn Woody is hot”…there I said it, and there’s no shame in my game. Other bitches were thinking it too!I am the very proud daughter of a breast cancer survivor. I wear pink for my Mama, and will continue to do so. With that said, I’ll add that, were that not the case, I too would be fucking sick of the pink ribbon shit, and secretly sometimes am anyway. It is EVERYWHERE, crammed down your throat, and damn, how many pink ribbon bracelets and shit does one person need? BTW, the pink ribbon that sickens people is the color of Pepto Bismal, which is used for upset stomach and nausea. Again, not a coincidence, but funny as hell nonetheless.

I have been involved with our local Relay For Life for over ten years, and even served on the planning committee for four of those years. I am embarrassed to admit that I blindy assumed that the money raised for the American Cancer Society would be distributed equally among various cancers and used in research. Sadly, after reading this blog, I have been enlightened about the fact that this is not the case. I did some research (which for me just means I read some shit online ;) ) and it basically looks like ACS spends more on advertising and party supplies than childhood cancer. Hmmm, good to know. I will now just donate my funds to Ronan’s foundation, and won’t have to force my lazy ass to walk all night to do so!

I have known of other cancer awareness colors, but never knew about Gold for Childood Cancers, and I am one of the guilty ones that never really gave it much thought. It is never discussed on commercials or in print, and the damn WWF has NEVER turned gold for childhood cancer, although children make up most of their audience AND those tacky ass championship belts that I secretly love are made of gold. I’m sure it’s some fake ass gold, but you see where I’m going!

I did not mean to turn this into a novel, and I don’t even know if you’ll see this Maya. Regardless, I wanted to let you know that, while I don’t always agree 100% with all your beliefs and everything you say, I respect you more than most anybody in my life, and I’m poplular and have a lot of people in my life, so that says a lot:) I have learned so much from you about so many things, and although I’m 43, I want to be just like you when I grow up. I now am more thankful for my boys that are considerably older than yours but are still my babies. I spend less time working on making sure I have the most perfect roses on the street, and more time just actually taking a nice whiff of the bastards! And if I feel like crying for whatever reason, I do it, even if sometimes it’s the ugly cry. And I have learned that it’s okay that the word FUCK has always been my most favorite word ever, because you have taught me that it is fucking versatile!

I will continue to wear pink for my Mama, but will now also wear GOLD for Ronan and his Mama as well. I will continue to follow your story and bring awareness to childhood cancer. I cannot wait to see you move mountains; you, my dear, will change the world!

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  1. LOVE IT! Lisa, welcome to the Mafia. 🙂 🙂 xo

  2. very, very well said, lisa!!! 🙂

  3. Oh my…..SO WELL PUT LISA!!!!!

  4. That. Was. Awesome.

  5. Love it and so Fucken true FUCK CANCER!!!!!! Will be wearing gold and i also know someone that best breast cancer she is my idol as well as YOU are MAYA YOU ROCK!!!! GOD BLESS YOU N ALL YOUR FAMILY! YOU WILL CHANCE THE FACE AND WORLD OF CHILDREN CANCER FOR BETTER…..LOVE U….MY NEW HERO

  6. Wow – I have also become aware of your story because Taylor Swift stood up to cancer (love that girl)… I went back and read the blog and I also fell in love with Ronan. I have often started typing a post to you, Maya, because I feel like I know you even though you do not know me so I could never finish. I could not have said what I was trying to say better than Lisa. What you are doing – fighting for your wonderful boy and kicking cancers ass – is beyond words amazeballs. Because of your story people will know about childhood cancer, the lack of funding it receives and they too will join you in your fight! I feel that I am a better mother and a better person because of you and your story! Thank you for sharing your journey with all of us! We have your back and fucking cancer will lose its battle with you – I have no doubt.

  7. You really are amazing Maya. I hope you realize that.

  8. Ditto… this post!

  9. Very well said Lisa!, Im the Granddaughter and neice of breast cancer survivers and sick of the fucking pink as well.

    I have a feeling Ronan S. Thompson will soon be as big as Susan G. Komen

  10. Oh, and another thing……..I LOVED seeing you on Katie yesterday, but I was disappointed that it had to be shown AFTER Leann (boo hoo my life…) and Will I am. You needed the entire hour to bring awareness to this disease, statistics,Drs. making strides, etc…. 😦

    1. I thought the same thing, Michelle. But then I realized this is just the beginning!!!

  11. I too have just recently learned of Childhood Cancer Awareness month. I also am guilty of having my pink ribbons everywhere due to the fact that my cousin passed away last year from breast cancer. I learned about childhood cancers and the fact that they don’t get much funding when I helped with a bike run for an 8 year old little boy that has cancer. He was able that day to join us and ride on a motorcycle for a little bit. Seeing his smile was the best! During that run I was introduced to the song Taylor Swift wrote. It touched me so much I immediately went home to look up Ronan’s story. I had tears in my eyes. I also began following Maya’s blog. Watching you on Katie Couric was so amazing. I don’t think I could have been that brave. With that said I also will be showing my gold ribbon support along with my pink. These kids deserve to have the research for them also. It is very sad that they don’t get much funding. Thank you maya for sharing your story. Thank you for allowing us to read your thoughts and feelings. You are a strong woman and I look up to you.

  12. Agreed. Couldn’t have said it better. Very, very awesome~Lisa!!

  13. Absolutely perfect Lisa!!! So well said! I have brain cancer. I met Mama Maya and Ronan on a plane many moons ago. Ever since I fell in love with both of them, and their family. And I wear gold and fuck you cancer bracelets, t-shirts, anything I can get my hands on, as well as brain cancer bracelets, shirts, etc (color is gray). My 3 boys do fundraising for childhood cancer. I am so drawn to fighting both of these diseases because they are both the least funded cancers out of ’em all. GO GOLD! and GO GRAY! And FUCK YOU CANCER!!!

  14. Lisa, if you’re interested, here’s some other figures on where donations go:

  15. Well said Lisa!! I too also wear pink for my Grandmother and until I heard Taylor’s song I didnt know about Gold and the ACS. I am now trying like hell to spread Ronan’s story to everyone I know and just make people aware of childhood cancer. I will be wearing GOLD in honor of Ronan and all the other children fighting this battle! I also want to thank Maya for sharing info on ACS……I have donanted to them more than once thinking my money was going to good use. Wow how wrong was I?!?!? Maya you have made me open my eyes to research a cause before I give my hard earned money away and you have opened my eyes to love and cherish every momen of my 2 year olds life…Even the terrible 2 throw yourself on the floor dramatic fits. As a college student I started donating money to PCH from the KMLE marathon thinking one day when I have kids what if I need their services, praying I never would. My daughter had a PDA, so she had heart surgery at 3 months old, which I thought was the worst thing ever but it doesnt even compare to what you went through. Through you I have learned to love life and cherish every moment good and bad and I thank you for that. Cyber hugs being sent your way 🙂

  16. And Maya, you looked absolutely beautiful on the show, and yes, Woody was hot. 🙂 You are a gorgeous couple!!

  17. I too am new to the knowledge of Ronan. I watched Stand up to Cancer and saw Taylor swift perfom. I was proccupied with my own children when she was singing Ronan’s song, but somehow I knew that what she was singing about was very impactful. I didn’t even know what the name of the song was, I just new it was beautiful. When I bought the new Taylor Swift Red CD, I was hoping the song from the Stand up to Cancer was on it. I didn’t see it, so I started doing research online. I just typed in Taylor Swift stand up to Cancer song. When I did that I found the blog from Ronan’s mom (I was doing all of this at work by the way).
    When I began reading this amazing, sad, inspiring story all I could think about were my own children and how I don’t know if I could be as STRONG as this beautiful woman is. I was completely heart broken and still am today, because even though I never even knew about this amazing family and this beautiful little boy, their story has completely changed me and the way I look at things. I went home yesterday from work and hugged my two boys for so long and did not want to let them go. I cried to my husband about Ronan. My youngest son and Ronan would be the same age. I am so sorry for the loss of you beautiful son!!!!!! You are doing amazing things and inspiring alot of people in the name of Ronan. Just know that from now on my life is different from having known your story, Ronan, and your beautiful family.
    Thank yo so much for sharing your life with us and now I am a RONAN JUNKIE:)!!!!!!!!!

  18. RoMama,
    You are moving mountains!!! you are an inspiration…and I have the honor to say I met you and have been following you since you were in Sloan. I too donated to the Cancer Society (mom passed from Pancreatic cancer) until I found Ronan way back in Dec 2010.

    His precious blue eyes captured me then and he has a place in my heart. You, as his Mama , has a place too. When I met you I felt like I knew you ❤

    I too look forward to your research center… The Ronan Thompson Research Center. Ronan will be as big or bigger than Susan G. Komen… without a doubt… thanks to his badass spicy mama!!! YOU! xo

    Keep taking care of yourself and PoppyStar 🙂

  19. I too wear pink coz I lost my mama to the demon breast cancer and I too will add GOLD for the precious kids that have been affected by this demon named CANCER. Very well put together, Lisa. Maya, I can’t tell you enough how inspiring you are. Thank you for everything you are doing.

  20. Love this because it’s true!

  21. Haha…that’s great. Woody is pretty cute! And you are pretty which makes you a good looking couple. Ha. I love her post as well. That’s great!

  22. Maya, do you ever just sit here and stare at all of this (love and support and AWARENESS) and just think holy. shit. (

    You should.

  23. Haha I also immediately noticed that Woody was a cutie. In a way he reminds me of an adorable mischievous hamster, I don’t know how else to explain it.

    Anyway I must be the only one here who doesn’t think the Breast Cancer stuff is shoved down my throat – sure there’s an annual walk in October and a few pink ribbons here and there, but I don’t really see or hear about it much. I’m a college student but I have a part-time research job in a hospital and I do see fundraisers for everything from Cystic fibrosis to Ovarian Cancer so that is good, that diseases other than breast cancer are getting attention. As far as kids stuff – Leukemia is the pediatric illness that gets most attention. Neuroblastoma is so rare that it’s mostly ignored, but fortunately bc of Taylor Swift, Katie Couric, and the Thompsons it’s getting more attention. Unlike a lot of people on this blog I have never felt childhood cancer is ignored by the public, though most people think it’s more rare than it actually is. Growing up I remember watching documentaries in school about kids with cancer and the Starlight Foundation doing fundraisers and stuff.

    1. Maureen, neuroblastoma is the most common extracranial solid cancer in childhood and the most common cancer in infancy. It isn’t all that rare.

      1. @Stacey – I did not mean to dismiss neuroblastoma as if it’s not important – like I said I think it’s great more attention is being focused on it. I meant part of the reason fewer people have heard of it is since it isn’t common the way like diabetes or dying of a heart attack are. By “rare” I don’t mean nonexistent, just not common – fwiw I do research on a genetic condition that’s more rare than neuroblastoma so I certainly don’t think being rare makes something less important!

  24. It looks like Ms Taylor Swift is a fine & dandy young lady as she is who brought me to Ronan aswell.
    I started at the beginning & its one of those stories you so wish you could change the ending. I fell in love with Ronan straight away & those gorgeous eyes of his.
    I’ve said it sooo many times the last few weeks to anyone who will listen, Ronan the Rockstar has changed my life all the way here in the UK. Everywhere I look, if I see purple or Star Wars or Paul Frank I think of Ronan. He’s the reason I am going to give blood & the reason I don’t shout at my kids as much as I used to.
    Maya – THANK YOU for sharing your story, thoughts, emotions with us. I know I’ve never met you but love you & your family so much. You & Ro have changed the world already & the best I bet is still to come.
    Lots of love to you all xxxx

  25. Jessica Radovic Avatar
    Jessica Radovic

    Umm… Best comment ever! So glad you share this! 🙂

  26. Wow. That lady is AWESOME. She hit it right on the nose. You WILL move mountains.

  27. You fuckin’ rock!

  28. Maya, when I heard the song from Taylor Swift I had no idea it was a true story, as soon as I heard it was, I started to read your blog. I have to say I have been working at a Cancer Center for 10 years, and we do not see patients under 18, my heart would not be able to handle it if I had to see children go through what I see these poor patients go through. I just can imagine.
    Your story makes me want to go and work with kids with Cancer. I am Medical Secretary and I go above and beyond for the patients that come through the door. I love and treat them like they are family. You make me want to go and love all the babies and kids with cancer, and do anything and everything for them. Your Ronan is beautiful, I fell instantly in love with him. I started showing everyone his pictures. You are the most amazing Mom.

    So, today at work I showed the other 6 Secretaries your piece on the Katie show, and I had them listen to Ronan’s song. I said lets do something for these kids. I had them in tears. I work for the biggest hospital in CT for Cancer, I work in a satellite office. But at the hospital they do have a Children’s Oncology Center there. Tell me what to do, because you inspired me, I need to do something.
    Today at work they wanted us to wear pink for Breast Cancer, and I tell you I did not want to, I swear I kept thinking about the other cancers, I kept thinking of YOU and RONAN, and I asked one of the nurses, Why only Breast Cancer Why? I am angry. I want to know why they do not have something for the other Cancers that I see coming in everyday. Why? One of the nurses said I do not see why we can’t, and I said then let’s do it.
    It makes me feel bad for all the other patients, they do not have breast cancer.

    Ok here it is I am SO angry about Children’s Cancer, I have learned a lot from your blog. Please tell me what to do, and I will do it. Please. YOUR STORY HAS CHANGED ME FOR LIFE. Love Lori

  29. I too learned about Ronan while watching Stand up to Cancer and hearing Taylor sing his song with his precious picture behind her! i froze and couldn’t believe my ears because it was as if she was singing about my own precious little boy with ice blue eyes and sandy blonde hair that also lost his brave battle with Cancer 17 years ago. I broke down and those memories came back as if it were yesterday! I immediately downloaded the song on itunes and told all my family and close friends about Ronan. Fast forward to yesterday, i was home alone watching Katie and couldn’t believe you and Woody were on the show telling your story! I was blown away at how similar our story is to yours! Clayton was diagnosed at 5 and only lived another 7 months because he was stage 4 at diagnosis too. His was Rhabdomyosarcoma. At diagnosis he had a tumor in his abdomen and spots on his lungs and spine. We were devastated! At the time we had two other children as well. I also describe the next months as the most amazing time of our lives because of Clayton’s strength and courage! He enjoyed each day and each new person he met despite being in excruciating pain! He was our strength during this difficult time.

    I was also struck by your Love in being able to know when it was time to let Ronan go! i had that same moment and said those same things to Clayton! I couldn’t stand for him to have another day in that much pain! I knew he deserved peace even though i would have to say goodbye for now.

    After he died we also started a foundation called The Clayton Dabney Foundation for kids with Cancer. It has helped us keep Clayton’s memory alive and help other families that are experiencing losing their precious child to cancer.

    Another similarity to your story is that we too had another child and felt that bittersweet feeling you described! Our precious gift came to us also in April!

    I couldn’t wait to contact you after the show yesterday to let you know that i’ve been in your shoes and you can go on living even though you can’t imagine it! When you said that your other boys lost the love of their life i remembered Clayton’s brother Michael and sister Christina lost their best friend and it seemed as if our family was broken. We are proof that we too have learned to put it back together. All these years later, Clayton would now be 23, My older kids and their friends that knew Clayton have now started a young professional arm of our foundation called the Halo Group and are carrying on Clayton’s legacy into the future.

    I wish your family all the love and healing that you deserve and wish you all the luck with your foundation in the future! I am sure you get so many people reaching out to you but I would love to share more of my Clayton stories that i feel may be of some comfort to you. There are so many more similarities! Feel free to contact me at or through the foundation. Love, Shelby Dabney

    1. Shelby, I’m so sorry for your loss. There’s a boy on FB who recently lost his battle with Rhabdomyosarcoma. His name is Lane Goodwin. Like Maya, his parents are doing all they can to spread awareness.

  30. Will you be my best friend please! Legendary post for us long time followers!!!

  31. This is so awesome. So so awesome.

  32. Maya, your voice may not be loud enough to talk to the whole world, but we can play chinese whispers with this thing and pass the message around. Childhood cancer MUST be stopped before it takes another innocent life. I hate it because I am only 12 and can’t really do anything about it… so I sit here and hope that the rest of the world can hear your cries and do something! I will become a paediatric (sorry for the spelling… I’m from Australia) oncologist when I grow up. Together, we can make a difference! Like you’ve said before, these kids deserve so much more! It’s just not fair. It’s not right. It HAS to end… and we can all help.

    Love from Ciara xx

    P.S… I LOVE you Maya, you’re SUPER INCREDIBLE. ❤

  33. What Lisa said is the way many people out there feel too(myself included) I am soo sick of the pepto bismol pink stuff too…i hate pepto bismol anyway. I have a pink riboon on stake in my yard for my late aunt since she passed on from metastisized breast cancer. enough of that.
    Maya, you and Woody rocked Katie’s show. My heart hurt for your family all over again.i was extremely disappointed by how much time was spent on fucking LeAnn Rimes(really?) especially since Katie aired that same drivel tonight on her Nashville special.
    You will change the world w/ Ronan’s help

  34. Well said!! My mother died from breast cancer years ago @ a very young age and I struggle with the feelings of hating all the pink this month too. There needs to be more gold everywhere!!!A friend is doing the 3 day walk for breast cancer and posted the camp’s “sea of pink” and I got pissed!! With Maya leading this fight and all of us creating our own “army” we can make the change!!! Rock on Ronan!!

  35. Lucianna Perlin Avatar
    Lucianna Perlin

    Just awesome…

  36. I don’t know about America, but here in Australia, pink for breast cancer is all the go at the moment and has been for a long time. You can by conditioners, shampoos, deodorants, soaps and heaps more stuff with the pink ribbon printed on it. Why not gold? You know what I would like? I would like a bottle of soap coloured gold with a picture of the most beautiful boy to ever touch the Earth on it. That is, of course, Ronan Sean Thompson. 😀

  37. OH.MY.GOD…First of all, I just saw this and am so honored that Maya even saw my comment, much less posted it. Thank you all for the kind words; my Mama has always said the truth is good enough for anybody, so I just told the truth. Maya will move mountains, even Camelback, but for fuck’s sake, beware of the pink rattlesnake, cause that bastard just sounds scary! I have become obsessed with this love story, and it breaks my heart for you Maya. That beautiful spicy boy was not meant to sit in an urn on your dresser; he was supposed to grow up and break hearts like his Daddy did mine when I saw him on Katie 🙂 I will continue to tell this story to the point of being a pain in the ass and making people sick. They can suck it up and get some damn Pepto if they need it 😉

  38. hi Maya! i’ve been reading your blog since late 2010, not long after precious Ronan’s diagnosis. i just thought i’d ditto lisa’s so funny comment that yes, Woody is indeed hot. 😉 far more importantly tho was watching you guys on katie’s show & thinking, “wow! woody looks like the single kindest & sweetest man on the planet!” i loved watching his face as you spoke, seeing the love & pride he has for you, for Ronan, for Liam & Quinn, & obviously for Poppy too! Woody’s face just beamed with pride over his beautiful family of 4 and 1/2 members 🙂 but there was still that sadness in both your faces (the eyes always give away grief… i know this from experience as i too lost a child, my darling 1 year old baby boy, to fucking cancer!!) yet through the tears, the “grief eyes” as i call them, & the sorrow, you & Woody beamed such love & such strength! & while you won my heart the first day i started reading your beautiful powerful words on this blog, i never knew Woody’s personality in any way other than your quoting him (“tough ass!” lol) until seeing him on the show. what a wonderful man you have! even through your sorrow, the two of you showed such love & devotion for each other! when katie asked something that seemed like you just couldn’t bear to answer (not weakness at all! just a look in your eyes like you knew you’d totally lose it if you had to answer, which i get as a grieving mom myself!), all it took was for you to just glance at Woody & he jumped right in & answered so you wouldn’t have to… that kind of love, reading each other’s needs with a glance, is so rare! You & Woody are amazing. No, check that – you & Woody are FUCKING amazing! So strong even with broken hearts & broken souls, & so full of such deep & abiding love for each other! So while, yeah, Woody is hot, it’s his kind heart & boundless love that show through (somehow 😉 even stronger! i’ve never seen a couple who were just perfect complements, exactly what each needs from the other, the missing pieces of each other’s puzzles, etc. i’m so profoundly sorry Ronan is no longer with you guys on this side, but also so profoundly happy you have each other! (my only perfect boy was taken from me by fucking cancer too… but i had no good loving husband to help me find strength to want to keep breathing… trying to hold up without a partner has made me want to quit so many times, not having someone to share in & help you bear the unbearable pain of losing a child… there is no luck in losing a child so i won’t call you lucky, but you & Woody are blessed to have each other – & i mean blessed in both an intimate & cosmic sense, not blessed by a nonexistent “god”…)

    sorry for the novel (or maybe just novella?) i’ve written here, but i felt drawn to finally post after seeing you guys on tv. you & Poppy looked gorgeous Maya!! even with your “grief eyes” you still radiate such love & strength & an inner beauty rarely seen in this world – & an outer glowing beauty too… you & Woody are one “purdy couple” as folks around here in the south say 😉 & speaking of lil miss Poppy, while i’m very proud of my own irish heritage & think the name Ireland is gorgeous, i’m in the growing ranks who think this baby is destined to remain Poppy! what a story to tell her one day! 🙂 as you have rightly said, this baby is coming to bring you new happiness, not to replace Ronan in any way because that’s just not possible. so maybe you should consider using a middle name that starts with Ro but not re-use Ronan’s name? please don’t get mad, i’m not judging & obviously the decision is yours & Woody’s alone!! but other people are voicing their opinions so i thought i would too – especially since i’ve been there. through child loss support groups, i’ve seen a lot of couples lovingly bestow the name of their child who passed away on a new baby, & most either immediately or much later felt guilt about it… like they had given their new baby the idea he/she had to live up to who their departed older sibling had been, or that they had alternately taken away the precious importance of the their one & only irreplaceable child who had passed by using his/her name again. but of fucking course this decision boils down, as i said, to you & “hot Woody” 😉 & no one else! just passing on some things i know from being in the shoes of a grieving mom. a while after losing my baby boy, who i had named after a favorite author, i adopted a baby girl & was torn about how to name her – wanting desperately to honor my son but knowing in my heart that i could never have another child bearing his name, even as a middle name. so i chose a first name that fit her personality, & i gave her a middle name of the most popular character created by the author my son was named after – it was perfect. 🙂 i honored him & linked him to his sister without re-using his name, which was just not right for me. but of course what’s right for one can be wrong for another & vice versa!! (i’m not used to giving out such personal info online, but i’ll clarify… if my favorite author was jane austen & i named my son austen, i could then honor him by giving my daughter the middle name elizabeth – after the character elizabeth in austen’s book “pride & prejudice”). i’ve known others who used the same initials but no repeated names in this uniquely bittersweet situation.

    it will always boil down to what feels right for each parent. i think using Ro as Poppy’s middle name would be great, or a name that starts with Ro – like Rose as many others have suggested. or Rory – that’s irish too. but a name like Poppy Ireland would be fucking awesome! or better yet, give her 3 names for her 3 big brothers, like Poppy Rose Ireland! that way Liam & Quinn would feel just as included in her name as Ronan – imagine their happiness if you tell them their baby sister would be getting THREE awesome names because she has THREE awesome big brothers!! 🙂 you make the rules here, no one else! people even hyphenate 2 flower names a lot these days, like Lily-Rose… so you could have a Poppy-Rose! (a PoRo!! 🙂 i happen to think Poppy Rose Ireland Thompson is both adorable & totally kick-ass! sounds perfectly sparkly & spicy! can’t wait to find out what you & Woody choose! 🙂 i feel certain your Poppy – whatever lovely name you give her – will arrive safely & bring the 5 of you such joy! i wouldn’t have been able to keep breathing without my daughter very magically coming into my life! no replacement for her brother as that would be impossible – just as she could never be replaced now that i have her! – but she definitely was/is new joy, new life, & new wonder!

    (*please know i’m not telling you what you should or shouldn’t name your lil one, nor am i judging! just passing along an opinion, as countless others have – including taylor swift voting for Poppy! – & giving you some feedback from other grieving parents who have been in your shoes, including me after losing my boy. 100% judgment free! we wear the same shoes after all, so i’d be the last in the world to judge another grieving mom! make that the same metaphorical shoes, as i could never rock your real shoes – those sparkly heels were so fucking cool!!) ok, now that my novella officially became a novel, i’m off! 🙂 peace & love to you & your precious family maya!

    p.s.-i think somehow using Mickey (which is actually a popular irish name for boys or girls!) as a nickname would be way cool since Ro told you he would call his baby sister Mickey Mouse! 😉

    p.p.s.-sounds like you don’t just have the world’s best hubby, but the best dad too!! 🙂

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