Seriously, Taylor Swift. I could not love you more.



Your daddy said it best tonight, Ronan after watching this. You would be so proud. You were always so proud. I am so proud of you and everything you stand for. I promise to try my hardest to do such good things in this world. Thank you, Taylor, for seeing the beauty in my child and falling in love with him so much so, that you wrote him a song. You are simply amazing. I know he is so proud of you and your heart.

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  1. Simply beautiful.

  2. Hi Maya!
    It starts a little bit childlike, and it gets loooooong, but I promiss I get to an important point 🙂
    I just watched the youtube video and the first thing i thought when it started was that the reporter’s english was incredibly bad. This pisses me because I am brazilian and I know they could have picked thousands of reporters who would have done a better job. And specially because you posted it, I’m sure it will get views from all over the world and everybody will think that brazilians can’t speak english. This bothers me because it is a twisted view of reality, and I have to live with it.
    I am 20 years old and I have traveled to the USA twice. Men always give me naughty looks when I tell them I’m from Brazil, like I told them “I love to have sex”. It bothers me because when I tell them I’m from Brazil they think I speak spanish, and I don’t. It bothers me because I am not a cliché. Because I don’t like carnaval. Because I speak portuguese. Because the fact that I speak english is not surprising. Because I don’t live in the jungle and because I’m not a whore. And because I have met so many americans who think of Brazil that way. It just makes me want to shake them and make them see that brazilians are not just that.

    And then, I thought about Ronan. And not because the music about him was brought up during the interview, but because I have been thinking about him a lot these last few days. He just appears in my mind when I’m thinking stupid or pointless thoughts. And Ronan just washes away this little thoughts and makes me grateful. In this case, about Brazil, it makes me grateful for being a brazilian and being able to show the world that we are more than buts and drinks and forests. Also, grateful that I had the opportunity to travel to the USA and to Canada and learn that even though my country is not what many americans think we are, we still have so much to learn and so much to grow before we can call ourselves a “first-world country”. It makes me grateful that I got to see all that and learn all that and expand my thoghts.
    Ronan makes me specially grateful for breathing and for having my family and he just fills me with love for my life and the opportunities ahead of me. And it makes me good. I think it makes me a better person, being able to look at things from a different perspective. Ronan also makes me feel guilty for taking things for granted and not realizing how precious they are. Ronan makes me want to pick up my phone, call my not-so-little-anymore brother (he is 15 now!) and tell him how glad I am that I get call him and hear his magical, beautiful, wonderful, incredibly man-like voice. How glad I am that he is my brother, and how proud I am for being his sister and how I love him with all my heart and think he is the most perfect person who ever lived. How he will always be my baby brother, even though he is already taller than me, and I just want to protect him and make him happy and prevent him from ever being sad. Just thinking about him makes me smile, it’s like he is surrounded by some light that just makes him special (I never met Ronan, but I think he made people feel this way as well).
    Ronan makes me mad at cancer. Ronan makes me want to exercise, and eat better and prepare my body to kick cancer’s but if I ever need to (there are a lot of cancer cases in my family). Ronan makes me want to fight cancer, fight life and make something important.

    I just want to send you my love and thank you for making me pay attention to the important things. It really is changing the way I handle situations and the way I feel and the way I live.
    You’re not only changing the lives of people who handle cancer on a daily basis but of ordinary people as well.
    I’m sorry for the long letter.

  3. Love Taylor for bringing Ronan’s story to the masses and helping to personalize childhood cancer – between your blog and her song and the countless other stories of children battling this horrible beast, my eyes and the eyes of many have been opened and I plan to continue to support the research needed to beat this! FU Cancer. Bless Ronan. Bless Ty. Bless Liam. Bless all the other children battling this – your strength and courage inspire me to be a better person, mother and friend.

  4. I adore Taylor Swift. I liked her before but after watching her at the Stand Up For Cancer event, I fell in love with her. She is a beautiful person, in the inside and outside. Seriously, to take the time to write “Ronan” and to give 100% of the proceeds to cancer related charities, she won my heart. Plus, it wasn’t for her song, I would have never read Ronan’s story. Of course I bought the song, and everytime I listen to the song I cry! But it also reminds me of Ronan and what he went through and his Mama. It reminds me that I am very lucky and fortunate to have two healthy kids and that I don’t have to get mad for stupid litthe things. Love you Taylor, Love you Maya, Love you Ronan!

  5. Maya, Woody, Ronan and Taylor your are all amazing. FU Cancer!

  6. Hey Maya!
    I just can’t stop reading your blog..and I can’t stop listening to Ronan its a beautiful song and he’s a beautiful boy…Ronan now lives in the hearts of millions around the world, I’m from Egypt..did you imagine he reached till there? He lives in us..and what taylor swift did is amazing! Stay strong..and thank you for inspiring other mothers to stay strong, Ronan, and taylor are proof that good still exists..
    Love u all..x

  7. so amazing! i’m so proud of you Maya, Woody, the twins, Taylor Swift and RONAN! the magnitude of this all — well I am just in awe. my heart is going pitter patter! thank you for letting me and the world be a part of this journey that will go on FOREVER just like Ronan’s legacy of strength and courage. I am so very honored!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Ronan is in the hearts of millions. I think about him beery day and will help up raise money and raise awareness for this awful disease that took Ronan. He was so beautiful maya, and he was your baby. Much love to you my dear.

  9. Hey Maya!
    I’m Carol, from Brazil. I found your story through the music of Taylor and since the day the song was released, I can’t stop reading your blog. I am reading the blog from the beginning and I am very moved by your story. Congratulations for the woman you are and for your family. If I were in your shoes I couldn’t go through all that. You are an example! I’m so proud of you, Ronan and your family. You and Ronan changed my life. May God give you all strength and courage you need to go on, and gives you a pretty good life, even missing a big and important piece.

  10. I just Downloaded The Song Ronan by Taylor Swift on Frostwire

  11. Hey Maya … i just heard “Ronan” by Taylor Swift and it was just amazing,i couldnt stop crying … i know Ronan is in a better place now,and i know is sad to lose one u love but he is with angels like him now … i am Thanksfull with Taylor for let me know about this story and with u and Ronan cuz people like u are inspirations for everyone … Love and Support from Argentina for u and ur family … Vale

  12. We are a little late to the party, just having heard this song for the first time a couple of days ago…but my 3 little blonde, blue eyed Irish boys and I are obsessed with the song, the story. The want to hear so much about Ronan. As a doctor and a mom, Maya–you and Taylor so, so, so captured the crazy love and fear about a child dying. The first time I heard the song I felt like I was in my home–race cars…dancing…brave little army guy…. I’m so moved, amazed. Maya–you are a brave soul for putting yourself out there and a generous heart for sharing Ronan with us all. So much love to you, your family, your boys, your baby bean. Xo

  13. i just heard ronan and i cried for hours and i will help you raise money and awareness for the awful disease

  14. I have loved Taylor swift wwwaaayyy before this song but now I feel as this is the best I have EVER heard and even though I am only 11 I have the biggest heart when it comes to child hood cancer awareness because my friend josh gehman passed away from cancer about 2 years ago and I still miss him! Rock on Ronan!Stay an angel josh! Love you Taylor.

  15. I came across this song back on september 9th on itunes… Next thing i know my daughter(9 yrs old) listens to the song and she play’s it every time we’re in the car… it reminds her of her grandmother who passed away less than a year ago… and we both cry to it.

    Ronan I now know who you are because of your mother’s love for you and beautiful words…. and my daughter insisting you were taylor’s brother so i researched your name and found your mom’s blog and read it and cried some more. I love you to the moon and back.

    Maya, wish you the best hope you’re better than the days that have passed…

  16. Hi Maya. I don’t know if you’ll even see this but anyway…..

    I came across this because I’m a huge Taylor Swift fan (I know this is an older post but this came up when I googled ‘Ronan Taylor Swift’)and this song makes me cry everytime I hear it. I have a little brother who’s 8 and the thought of losing him is unbearable- he is everything to me. My dad’s brother died aged 7 from cancer, my grandad died when I was 2 from it and my granny has a lung tumor. It never goes away, the sadness, the crying, but most of all the anger. I’m sorry that I can’t reassure you, but it’s the truth. I’m 13 now, its been 11 years and still I’m not over it even though I barely knew my grandad. I swear if God takes my granny I will surely die. But you and Ronan inspire me every day, how he fought and even though he lost his battle you still carry on in his memory. You are a stronger person than I will ever be. I put my email in so if you can see it and ever wanted to talk to me (don’t know why you would, but hey) I’m here.
    Maisie x

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