My Fairy RoMo told me it’s a big day for Ronan. I couldn’t agree more. And of course it’s raining outside in AZ. I hear you, Ro.

11 responses to “My Fairy RoMo told me it’s a big day for Ronan. I couldn’t agree more. And of course it’s raining outside in AZ. I hear you, Ro.”

  1. I am printing this out and hanging it in my kitchen for my children to read and recognize everyday. Then they’ll know why I kiss them do much!

    You are still one of the most amazing mamas I’ve ever “known”!

  2. I’ve always loved Taylor Swift. Now even more!!! Romazing!!! RoLove!!! SU2C!!! Fucancer !!! Can’t wait to watch! XO

  3. Thanks for the rain Ronan!

  4. Beautiful song! I also love Taylor Swift. Ronan will always be remembered.

  5. Amazing! Maya you are unstoppable. I’m so impressed. All for Ro! That asshole cancer does not stand a chance as long as you an Ro are fighting! Keep it up.

  6. Not sure if you’ll actually get to read this since I’m sure you’re being bombarded by people reaching out. Like all of those people, I was curious who beautiful little Ronan who Taylor sang of was so I did some research and came across your amazing blog. I’m not a crier, but I couldn’t stop bawling–for you, for Ronan, for his siblings left behind… But I think I was also bawling because of how close to home (literally) it hit. I probably live within a few miles of you (and yes, that was some rain today!) and I have a beautiful blue eyed little boy. He’s got the same impish look as Ronan. I had the joy of celebrating his 6th birthday this week. It’s just not f-ing fair that you won’t do the same for Ronan. Life isn’t fair and this is such a reminder of that. I hope that the beautiful song that was created in your baby boy’s honor brings you some measure of comfort. It was quite a tribute to your love for him.

  7. You are incredible. I usually moan when its raining.. now everytime it rains im going to think of Ronan and the things you two are doing, and im going to smile 🙂 i dont know you, but eveything you do together is so inspiring. Im proud of both of you, even if i am just 16.

  8. Shine on little man!!!! You little cutie!!! We love
    you!!! xoxo

  9. Prefer to remain anonymous :) Avatar
    Prefer to remain anonymous :)

    I just wanted you to know that last night at two o’clock in the morning, a fourteen year old girl bawled over your little man.

  10. he looks soo beautiful and peaceful.

  11. I wil also write a song for Ro. Every time it rains I’ll just think of that time as Ro time. Even though I don’t know you,you touched my heart as if I know you.

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