Please watch Stand Up 2 Cancer this Friday Night!


This is the one night of the year, where we all get to Stand Up 2 Cancer, together. Please watch if you can, and record if you cannot. It means a lot to me! Thanks, lovies!

3 responses to “Please watch Stand Up 2 Cancer this Friday Night!”

  1. I am getting together with a group of friends and watching tonight! NOT gonna miss it! I am also very much looking forward to watching Taylor Swift perform! I know it will be amazeballs! Ro-Love all the way!!!

  2. I know I’m just one commentor among thousands, but your story has touched me profoundly. I can’t express to you the sorrow I feel for your loss and the love I feel for you. I think you are such a strong, amazing person. I will always remember your story and pray for you and your family. As for your beautiful Ronan, I know that he is with his Father in Heaven, shining and perfect, and I know you will see him again. Until then, be strong.

  3. Hi I am obviously someone who heard about your story through the Taylor song. I live in AZ as well. I just wanted to share a quick thought with you. In my religion. we believe that our bodies here on earth are imperfect. and that by choosing to come here we knowingly choose to have imperfect human bodies. You said you promised your son that you would help him get better. I really feel that he is better now. his body is perfect cancer free. he is with you always feeling your pain and wanting you to feel his happiness. He is hanging with his soon-to-be sibling. and just waiting for the time when he can be reunited with his family. I had a cousin who was a twin die of cancer at the age of 5. I watched him suffer as he fought cancer. I know he is happy now and with us all the time. I love you and hope you can find your new happiness. I say new because your life is never going to be the same. But, it can be great still. i hope you find that place. and anyone with negative thoughts for you can shove it.

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