Don’t be a Douchebag. Run for Ro.

Are you ready to run for Ro? Who could say no to those blue eyes? Not me. No excuse in the world would be good enough for me. I would be so honored to have you all, run for Ronan and all the other kids out there, who need a voice. I would so honored, to have you run for Ronan just for the fact that you are ALIVE and this is something you CAN do. I see too many people walking around this life, making excuses. That’s no way to live. If you are lucky enough to be healthy, I hope you are taking full advantage of it. Life is too short to say “I can’t,” to things. I think about Ronan all the time in everything I do. How he really can’t do things like run a half or full marathon because he’s not here. How he’ll never be able to. But I am here. I am alive. I can do these things for him. I will do these things for him, for the rest of my life.  What’s stopping me? Nothing. I don’t or won’t ever accept the word “can’t,” in my life again. I don’t have cancer. I didn’t die. I will always wish it would have been me, not him, but I don’t get that choice. I do get a choice on how I stay here, and live this life. I am choosing to live it the way Ronan would have. By being brave. crazy, fearless, and by pushing all the limits that I can. On the days that I am not bogged down by intense sadness, the days I actually try to live can be o.k. They can be o.k. because they end up making me a little proud of myself. Would I have ever done half of the things I’m doing, had Ronan not died? Probably not. I know I am half a person without him. But the half of a person I am, sometimes makes me proud. I know he is proud of me even on the days that I can’t get out of bed and I feel like I am a shit ass mom. I know he is proud of me for getting up everyday and trying to make a difference for him. I live for Ronan. I live for my dead son, who can’t be here to live this life. It’s the hardest life to live, but I am doing it for him, every single day.
Are you living? If not, why??? Do you want to start living?? Here’s your chance. Do something crazy, like run a half or full marathon. Be inspired to do something you normally wouldn’t do, for a little boy who won’t ever be able to do these things. It’s hard, it’s challenging, but the pay off in the end is so worth it. You will learn that you CAN do anything and that the word CAN’T should be banned from your life, forever. If you are already a runner, this is easy:) Just be prepared for a lot of fun for a really great cause.

To anyone who really can’t be here to run, you can still support us in reaching our goal of $100,000. Tell all your friends and spread the RoLove. It’s about to get CrAzY up in here!!! We are planning a lot of fun things to get you all inspired. Also, I’ll be taking any crazy ideas you all have for me, to get me to raise as much money as possible. You know I’m up for anything. Except for maybe that tattoo of a tear drop on my eye that one of my board members said she’s pay me a ton of money, to see me do. I might have to draw the line, somewhere…

Thank you all for your continued love and support. I hope you all know you too are a big reason of why I will continue this fight, for as long as it takes. I hope to see you joining in on the fun! If not, you’re a douchebag! HA! Totally kidding. But I could not resist throwing that in there. Spicy Ro would have thought it was funny:))))) Love you all. Even the douchebags.

A HUGE thank you to “The Meg,” who has been working so hard on setting all of this up. I Forking LOVE you! (and Ninja Rita, too. She is pretty alright herself.) BEST SOULS IN THE WORLD.

4 thoughts on “Don’t be a Douchebag. Run for Ro.”

  1. Maya….we’ve never spoken before. But, I’ve been following your blog for quite some time now…so, I feel as if I know you…lol. 🙂 Ronan holds such a special place in my heart. I just want to see if you knew about little Jack Bartosz? I know that can’t follow everyone’s heartrenching story, but he is just such a special guy, and unfortunately his time here is coming to an end. 😦

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