Ronan. Our song for the night. From one of my most favorite badasses out there.


3 responses to “Ronan. Our song for the night. From one of my most favorite badasses out there.”

  1. I have been reading for a long time, as a mother of 2 girls I cannot fathom the amount of pain that consumes you on a daily basis and for that the only thing I can say is I’m so very sorry!!!! I read something and it made me think of you so I wanted to share it with you…..

    I cried when you passed away.
    I still cry today.
    Although I loved you dearly,
    I couldn’t make you stay.
    A golden heart stopped beating,
    Hard working hands at rest.
    God broken heart to prove to me,
    He only takes the BEST!

    My hope for you is that in time you have more peaceful days, more clear or light lipgloss days than not!

  2. Michele – if you have been reading a long time, then you know a poem about how “God” takes the “Best” (meaning Ronan is in “a better place”) is complete bullshit and isn’t going to lead to a more peaceful day, but rather will lead to anger that there is this perpetual need of religious persons to cast their faith on others as justification for why a very loved little boy is no longer with his family. While I appreciate the sentiment of sharing sympathy for a tragic and indescribable loss, trying to justify that loss does nothing but make the person offering the justification feel better.

    1. Hal- certainly I was in no way trying to put my beliefs on anyone at any point! I was simply stating that that made me think of her and her family. It does not make me feel any better I was just offering my sympathy to maya, Ronan, and their family. I personally do not pretend to know what happens to a person after they pass away. That was just my way of letting her know that I read everything she posts, cry all the time for her, not out of pity but simply because it makes me sad that any parent should have to go through what she and her family are going through. She and that amazing little boy of hers touched my life, I look at my children differently because of her, I appreciate every crazy, bad, good, wonderful, big, little thing they do because of her. I think of her often and read her writings and although I can not simpathize with her, I am simply sorry that she is going through this. My original post was not meant to hurt her in anyway and if it did, maya, I am from the bottom of my heart sorry. I was not trying to make anyone “feel better” by what i said, I don’t think I’d ever “feel better” if I were to lose one of my daughters. Hal, I am not here to debate with you. As far as your response, please don’t pretend to know me, know my beliefs, or what my intentions were for my post. It was meant for maya and Ronan and their family, not for you so i could really care less what you appreciate!!

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