5 responses to “Don’t eat more chicken! Save a kid!”

  1. Anyone who has a craving for the old chickin go here please, not to the restaurant.

  2. I was wondering when you would post this! Total losers…and wtf is up with the married to “first wives” comment? Yah because they are probably Stepford wives!

  3. It’s almost a complete inability of certain people to disagree on matters without insulting, demeaning, or taunting the other view. It is certainly fine to not buy their chicken but to mock their faith call people hatemongers or call their wives Stepford wives when – for all I can see – they have merely exercised the very American right to have their business reflect their faith, well that’s a form of bullying itself. Chick Fil A has not denied anyone employment or services as far as I can tell. If you can stomach eating at a place that doesn’t hold your values then enjoy. And if not then there are other options.

  4. Katy Perry gives them a plug in her movie. Have a word!

  5. Vanessa–get a clue. By donating money to groups that are insulting, demeaning, and taunting people because they are homosexual or because like about 1/2 of the US population, is divorced, is not only wrong and Un-Christian, but dumb. They can exercise their rights and you are correct I can too, by saying they are dumb and not purchasing their product. And how can you “tell” that they have not discriminated against people. Are you really so ignorant that you would think that a bi-Jew would be given a job there? If you think that then maybe you should come and join the rest of us in the real world where kids die of cancer, morons attack movie theaters, and “good” Christians spew hate.

    Just so you know, i am a devout Christian. My family has been Christian for hundreds of years,..while their ancestors were still dragging their knuckles.

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