5 thoughts on “Dr. JoRo gets it…and she gets it beautifully. But I wish it wasn’t this way.”

  1. Wow, her wording is remarkable! She sounds like one smart lady! So glad you found her! xoxo

  2. Wow. Dr. JoRo is amazing. This is amazing. EVERYONE should read this. So insightful. Hugs to you, big hugs, as you work your way through May YOUR way. RoLove, lots of RoLove. xoxo

  3. Heartbreaking. I CANNOT imagine. This brought me straight to tears . I am so sorry for any parent who’s child is lost. I HAVE learned so much from Dr. Jo..and Maya..and of course Ronan. I hope I never gave to walk this path…and I certainly would not judge a grieving parent. Grief should not have a time limit .

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