2 thoughts on “We don’t need many words for this, Ro. Our fairy RoMo is a gift. Thank you, K. For our night. You are so beautiful. xoxo”

  1. Maya, thinking of you & SO sad! So heart broken! So angry! Just found out a dear friends child is sick. I was wrong to have sent her your link! It was selfish & mean! I had my heart in the right place. You are a strong, determined, bad ass MO FO. I somehow thought your strength would inspire. Instead I put unneeded expectations on her. FUCK YOU CANCER! You’re unwanted! You’re useless! You’re a fucking asshole & YOU WILL NOT WIN! Leave our children alone! Pick on the grown ups until we find a way to kill you! But leave the innocent alone! Maya, please! I KNOW you’re hurt! I know you feel defeated! But please don’t give up! Please keep up the fight! I don’t like to swear a lot, but who cares! I’m going to yell it one more time! FUCK YOU YOU FUCKING FUCKED UP DISEASE! FUCK YOU CANCER! I’m sorry Maya!

  2. Maya, love…just want you to know I am thinking of you and your boys, especially Ro. Hope your May plans are falling into place. ((hugs)) and a big fat screaming FU Cancer!

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