Your song for tonight, Ro baby. Because we heart Neil.


3 responses to “Your song for tonight, Ro baby. Because we heart Neil.”

  1. I came across your blog via Circle of Moms “contest”. Have been voting for you ever since.
    What an inspiration you are. So strong. Stronger than I could ever be.

  2. Maya,
    I know your such a fighter for childrens cancer that you’ll be able to really spread the word about 9 month old Addison Cox. She was born with Stage 4 Melanoma and lost her mother to the same cancer on February 12. There is going to be a fundraiser on March 3 for her and her daddy so they can pay for her treatments. There is also an account set up and Arizona Federal Credit Union for donations. Please help get the word out for this little girl who’s never known a day without cancer. Any questions about the fundraiser of donations can be directed to Sgt. Keith Polittle 602-999-2214

  3. Because we heart Neil.

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