You should still be here doing this and it is bullshit that you are not.

8 responses to “You should still be here doing this and it is bullshit that you are not.”

  1. couldn’t be said anymore perfect. love it!

  2. All three of your boys are amazing!!!!

  3. What a rockstar! Wish I could hug him through that video!

  4. OK. This is awesome! I love the video and love the photo. You are so fantastically wonderful.

  5. Oh, Ro…you look like you were feeling unwell in this video, yet wanted to just be a little 3 year old….how my heart aches for you, sweet, sweet baby.

  6. As I watched this video, my 3 year old son came and sat beside me. He laughed and said he wanted to play with those friends. Then was confused about why mommy was crying over a fun video…

  7. His smile is priceless……Quinns and Liams smile is priceless. They should still be able to do this with their little brother!! Maya I loved hearing your soft little chuckles at watching Ronan enjoying the time with his family! it breaks my heart too because its just not fucking fair!! All my love!!

  8. Pure RoLove. Pure RoLight.

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