7 thoughts on “A Star Wars Secret Kiss”

  1. his little voice 😦 oh my gosh Maya, xoxo to you extra today! hope the conference goes well for you! I’m glad you get to go! Love to you always, God bless…

  2. Thank you for sharing this wonderful moment with us! What an amazing spirit in him. You are an outstanding mama! Xoxo

  3. I am so fucking sorry. I wish your beautiful Ronan was still here to give you all the secret kisses in the world. Gad damn he is so amazingly beautiful!

  4. Ronan was just so precious….that sweet little voice and such big, big love for his mama. Thank you for continuing to share him with us. Thinking of you at the conference today…hope there are no snoring doctors near or they might just have to watch out ;). xo

  5. Maya-
    I used to wish nothing more than for you to have your Ronan back… Now I don’t. What I wish for most now is that it had been a joke; everyone was just joking that Ronan is gone… Like you were there, and that you could simply bring him back by tickling his ashes. His little voice says it all- ‘I’m a strong, wild, brave, and free rockstar! No one can take me down! Mama loves me too much to let this fuckin’ cancer kill me! And, no, I not SPICY!!!’ Oh, how I wish that were so, and seeing that video just reminds me for the fucking millionth time: That little boy is wild and free now, roaming the skies with Jen and Esther, and everyone else. That isn’t fair! He should be in Phoenix, AZ, with his Mama, his daddy, Liam, Quinn, and soon Poppy!

    I’m so sorry that you have to go through this. It is so not fair. I’m not even going to start saying all this shit like, Oh, I know how hard it is, or, I can feel your pain. Because I DON’T. I feel pain that Ronan and all his other rockstars are gone now, but it is NOTHING compared to yours, and I completely respect that. Ronan has changed and touched my heart, and probably everyone else’s reading your blog, in the most wild, free, beautiful way, and I love him for that. ❤

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