Because Palmer Cash Kicks Ass

I’ve been ordering from this company for years. I love to rock my Golden Girls and Magnum P.I. Shirts weekly. Ben, the president contacted me a few months ago to tell me the sweet story of his wife who is a loyal blog follower. They wanted to make a Ronan shirt. I was honored to help them. Thank you to Ben and his lovely wife. Hope you all LOVE them. I think they are totally badass and am so proud to have Ronan’s name represented by such an awesome company. Here you go, friends! Order away!

7 thoughts on “Because Palmer Cash Kicks Ass”

  1. I was directed to your blog and Ronan’s story via Palmer Cash. I also have been ordering from them for years and LOVE their stuff. They are based here in Idaho. I love the shirts and I love even more that they support a good cause. I will be buying them for friends and family and sharing Rockstar Ronan’s story. FUCK CANCER and take care, Maya.


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