10 thoughts on “Breathe. But how? Without you?”

  1. Dear Maya,

    Just wish I could wrap you all up in my arms, make the pain go away and Ronan would be here. Please know this above all else: you are a Loving, Devoted & Magnificent Mamma.


  2. I hope Ronan showered you, Woody, Liam, and Quinn with signs of his presence yesterday, making it easier to breathe and be present for an incredibly difficult day.

  3. Maya
    I was thinking about you guys last night as all the trick or treaters came to our house. I am so sorry Ro was not there with you for this favorite holiday of you and your family. I got my first tattoo in July and while looking through books I saw some tattoos of lips. I thought of you and how you always talk about Ro’s precious lips. I think you should take this picture, or one like it with his precious lips, and get them tattood on you so they are always with you.

    I think about you guys and tell everyone I know about you and your journey. You are A……wait for it…..FUCKING……MAZING!!

  4. Listening to that song and looking at Ronan’s face in the picture you posted under the video made tears stream down my face and, for that moment, I felt 1/1,000,000,000,000 of your pain. I can only imagine your pain and, like so many others, I wish I could take it away.

  5. ❤ I can't beilive that while reading this I know Tay has a song for Ro :') ❤ One of the most greatest songs she'd ever wrote!

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