Ronan and Jack

Jack has Neuroblastoma. He is on his 3rd relapse. He is beautiful. Ronan spent hours, playing Legos with him in NYC at our friend, Barbra’s house who runs

Jack is still fighting. His mama wrote to me tonight. It touched my soul. She met Ronan only once, but he impacted her life, forever. This is how special he was. I’ll never forget Jack. Ronan was missing his brothers so much and Jack filled that void for a couple of hours. I remember being so happy, seeing my baby so happy to have an older friend to play with. Jack is so special, like Ronan. He had those sparkling eyes that say it all.

Thanks to his mama for reaching out to me tonight. Friends Forever. Bonded in a way that I know will make a difference in this ugly fight. Kiss your babe for us. Ronan will look after him. Thank you for loving Ro and never forgetting him. This is from Jack’s Mama, Francesca<3<3 Thanks for giving me strength when I need it most. Thanks for reminding me to never give up when all I want to do is crumble to the floor. Thanks for understanding that when I do crumble, I will get back up.

Dear Maya..
I follow your every word on your posts each time you write. I had the pleasure of meeting you, Ronan, and Fernanda at Barbara’s… My son speaks of Ronan often after they made tattoos. It made my heart melt as Ro could just ” hang” with Jack, who were his brothers ages that night. I remember seeing you and hoping you would get in that ‘run’ for release. I have seen so many fams over the years sitting on that couch, and I GOT YOU… I knew where you were coming from…. Time passed, and I was given the news Ronan was gone… I was devastated, and have not missed a beat since. I still have his pic on my phone from the stickers and now have the most beautiful pic of Ronan that you have posted added to my fridge of angels…I need a bigger fucking fridge for all I have met and lost from this disease. I love your words… You hit the nail on the head everytime. I have lived at Sloan for 8 years and I have seen alot. I am proud of you… Your grace… And your downright emotions about this fucking disease… You say everything we all want to say…I think of you everyday… I am so sorry you lost your beautiful boy… And he was gorgeous…please know he is NOT forgotten, nor is your family. I pray he is with your husband, you, and your beautiful twins always…we continue to fight for you all and many others through my son JACK. … We are friends now and always, no matter fucked up mess of cancer got us here. I met you and your son once.. But I love you forever….Fuck Cancer… I get it.. And I have your back…..

4 responses to “Ronan and Jack”

  1. OMG….. so beautiful! What a true love story. Cancer can …..
    FUCK OFF! Thank you for sharing. Jack will also be in our prayers.


  2. I don’t know how I found your blog, but I enjoy reading it. You say many of the things I am thinking too. I hope you don’t mind, but I put a link to your blog on my blog.

  3. What a beautiful post and letter from Jack’s mom.

    Rockstar Ro captured so many people. I never had the honor of meeting Ro but I think of him every day!

    Prayers for Jack for continued health.

    Peace and strength

  4. wow, that’s so wonderful you have met her and people like her who so get it! love to you today Maya! xoxo

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