I’m not sure who nominated me for this, but I wanted to take a second to say thank you. I’m currently in second place  and I am so honored that some stranger, took the time to nominate me. One of the things we are working on is figuring out in which direction we want to donate the money raised for Ronan’s Foundation. I know we want to split it up, with most of the money going towards research and Woody and I currently have a couple of doctors in mind, who are passionate about Neuroblastoma, that we want to talk to. We don’t want to raise a little money for research, but A LOT. We are determined to help find a CURE, but we need to be absolutely sure in the Doctor/Facility that we will help. This takes time, so thank you all for being so patient.

We want do other things with the money as well, such as support our local hospital, Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Support local Foundations such as the MISS Organization, as Dr. Joanne, is currently helping to save my life. NO JOKE.

We would also like to help in assisting a family who is currently new to this awful disease and are trying to navigate their way through it. I met with a mom last week and I didn’t blog about it because it was so raw to me. I wanted to take some time to sit back and absorb some things. First of all, the fact that this woman had the courage to reach out to me, speaks volumes in itself. I told her how brave she was as we all know that Ronan’s story did not have the happy ending that we had hoped for.

I was so nervous about meeting her and she was nervous about meeting me. She even texted me the day before to say that it was o.k. if I had changed my mind. I told her no way, that I was in this for the long haul. It was hard meeting her, but it also felt so right as I know this is a big part of what I am supposed to be doing. I held her hand. She held mine. We both cried. We both cussed. We both talked about HOPE. A word that I am not yet giving up on.

I have decided that if I win this contest, which would be 5,000 dollars; I am going to take that money and donate it to this family. Another really good family who in no way, shape or form, deserve to have their 2-year-old, diagnosed with cancer. They are a lovely family, a hard-working family, a family  who has now had their lives turned upside down by this monster. If I can take some of the pressure off of them, than that is what I am going to do. I told this mom, I will do whatever she needs, even if she just needs a coffee from Starbucks… I’m her girl. I told her to utilize me, because that is what I’m here for. I’ve walked this road and I know how lonely and scary it is. I want to help others and something about this mom and her little boy, tugged at my heart. I have not told this mom yet, but once I do… I will ask her permission to share her sweet little boy with you all. He is a fighter, like Ro. She just emailed me today to tell me that all of a sudden her little boy has taken a huge interest in Star Wars. And when they were driving yesterday, he asked her to turn down the music. She did and he told her he loved her to the moon and back; something they have never really said in their family. She told me she felt like Ronan was right by her little boys side, helping him fight. I believe this. Truly.

So, go and VOTE. How easy is that? And spread the word and get EVERYONE you know to VOTE as well. And screw your friends who think you’re annoying for not shutting up about this because I know they are out there. Your vote is going to help a family; they are not. And you know what else?? Even if I don’t win, I’m still going to donate the money. They are worthy of it. Ronan told me so.


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  1. You have touched my life and changed it completely! My little 6 month old had a mass on the back of his head that we have to get an MRI on and when I feel depressed I think of you and it helps me! I’m sorry that your suffering made me openy eyes…your going to do great things Maya! 🙂 love from the buckeye state!

  2. I am damn sure my ‘friends’ are tired of me posting about voting for you BUT I dont really give a shit… I will post it several times a day on each friends page if I have to!!

  3. you’re awesome! i hope you win! i have some of those “friends” you mentioned but oh well. i think it’s GREAT what you are doing and all that I know you will do! rock on! I will keep this family and their son in my prayers as well. xoxo

  4. Maya,

    I vote every day! I wanted you to win even before you ever posted this story about this family you want to donate the $ to.

    My heart aches for you. I think of you and Rockstar Ro every day. I pray for peace and strength. I want to help you raise awareness. I changed my profile picture on the 1st of September to bring awareness. I tell everyone about your story. Your blog. Your beautiful blue eyed Rockstar Ro that touched and captured my heart. I wear the naughty Fu cancer bracelet proudly. It’s so not fair. Children need a cure!

    You are amazing. You’re an inspiration. Real and raw.


  5. You’re an amazing woman Maya! You inspire me more and more each day – thank you….

    p.s. my coworkers probably want to punch me in my face because I made sure they all voted for you – but I can say that quite a few have become true believers and followers in Maya’s Mafia 🙂

  6. Sounds like you are not spinning, you are going in a direction that is helping another. My hat is off to you, you are amazing. You have and have had my vote. You are a winner!!!

  7. Good luck Maya. I’ve voted.

    I remember you saying that Zombieland was one of yours and Ronan’s favorite movies. I watched the first 10 minutes of this today, and it only caught my eye because you’d mentioned it. Funny? Yeah, it seemed amusing. But far too gory for me!! Don’t know how Ronan could bear it – I had to switch off when the woman crashed into a truck, got ejected through the window and skidded along the street leaving most of her skin on it. Yuk!! The full-on swearing, however, didn’t bother me one bit, heh heh.

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