Running for Ro

I want to run for Ronan this year in the P.F. Changs Half Marathon in Phoenix. They currently support the following:

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I have submitted an application to be reviewed to form The Ronan Thompson Foundation. Running for Ro. Who do I have to blow to make this happen? Seriously.
Let me know what you think, peeps. Would you run for Ro??
I personally think they should also consider changing the name of the Marathon. P.F. Changs Rock and Ro Marathon has a much better ring to it. Let me know if any of you out there think you can help make this happen:) Thanks lovelies!!!!

31 responses to “Running for Ro”

  1. Let us know! I would definitely run for Ro!

  2. I already signed up for that one – I would join your team and run for Ronan in a heartbeat!

  3. I will gladly fly to PHX and Run for Ro. Would love to meet you, give you a hug and run my butt off.

  4. I will run ror him! I am not sure if you got my message about the run in october for childrens cancer but I have a group who wants to participate in this for Ronan and wear the FU CANCER shirts you have. Let me know what we can do to help !

  5. Keep us posted when and where. I don’t run but will walk it and support Rockstar Ro foundation.

    Peace and strength to you Maya

  6. My neighbors in Denver are training for the triathlon in Phoenix. I don’t know if that is the same thing. I know they swim in the Tempe lake(eww), run and bike. I can see of they will do it for Ronan. Would you like that? Their children are the same age as ours. In fact I think there is a lot of them.

  7. I will definitely run in honor of Ro!!

  8. January 16th … enough time to train properly. Hmmmm. Might not make it to run, but would sponsor you to run for me!

  9. Um okay…I am terrible at running but I would run for him. FUCK YEAH I WOULD!!

  10. Have you ever thought about organizing a race of your own? It could be in his honor and all proceeds could benefit The Foundation.

    My small town (St. Maries, Idaho, population 2,500) just hosted one and brought in nearly 500 racers. I know that probably sounds like nothing to someone living in the Phoenix area, but it was a huge feat for us, and we netted a profit of $4,500 that we were able to donate back to the community. Not half bad for a small town … imagine what you could do down there with the support you have here on the Web.

  11. yes…i was already planning on running the half. I would so run for RO, and yes I love the name change too!
    Please keep us posted!

  12. Not the best runner…but I am in for Ro!!

  13. Me = Horrible Runner. But for RO, I can do it!

  14. I live in San Diego, not too far to hop on a plane. I would have to talk to the hubby! If I can’t make it, I would gladly help out on the donation end of it! This would be so amazing to be a part of!! I think it is such a great idea, and I love the name you made up!! P.F. Changs Rock and Ro Marathon! LOVE IT!!

  15. I’d do it for Ro!!

    Love the name change — let’s make this happen!!

  16. Absolutely!! I would love love love to run and support Ronan and all of the other kids that a cure will help!! F U CANCER ALL DAY!!!

  17. I would totally love to do this!!! Running my first half in Jan. 2012 but this one would be great for me!! (and for Ronan) 🙂 I’m in!

  18. ABSOLUTELY!!!! LOVE IT! Would be an honor! I’m in!!!!

  19. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this idea! I know you get a million e-mails, but I sent one about the idea of Running for Ronan and I ADORE that it’s going to happen! I don’t run, but girl, I’d run for Ronan! After everything he went through, there’s no reason I can’t force my ass to run across that finish line! I live in Chicago, but would be there in a heartbeat! Please keep us all updated!

  20. Id run for Ro. let’s get something going in Atlanta.

  21. Even if you can’t get the Foundation approved for this year, you can still form a team and have peeps direct their donations to your foundation. Plus, teams get $10 off their individual entries which would make it (somehow) a little bit more palatable. Price increases after Sept 15.
    A few years ago, we did research for another children’s foundation and it took a $20k commitment from the non-profit for to sponsor them, meaning that they would get you the shirts and such. I was dealing with a sale rep directly from
    I hope you get the support you need. I haven’t run Chang’s for a few years and have been doing 1/2 marathons around the Valley. You might consider talking to the wonderful folks over at Arizona Road Racers and see if they have any ideas. They are amazing and community-oriented peeps. They are on FB, too.
    Good luck, Mama Maya!! You can send me an email directly if you’d like to talk to me about my experience from (trying) to organize a group from before. (

  22. I would Run For Ro!!!!!

  23. Kuddo’s to you once again!! I’m not able to run-totally shot knees and still waiting on a diagnosis on why my legs hurt 24/7 but I have alot of energy and a big mouth to help out in any other ways needed to make this So Happen!! 🙂

  24. Run… jump…back hand springs! Whatever it takes! I’m in!

  25. I will have just finished the 3Day 60 mile walk, and I would definitely be up for a measly 13 for Ronan!
    Hubby was already planning on the full, so count us in!

  26. I am all in for running for Ro!!! and I know I can get other people to do the same! Let me know if you need help with anything! Maya’s Mafia has got your back… and we mean it!

  27. Haven’t ran in years, but I better get my kicks on and start training…i’m in!

  28. On a funny tip, did no one else catch this? “Who do I have to blow to make this happen?” LOL Hilarious Maya, love your spirit! Passing the word about the run now!

    1. LMAO! I’ve been waiting for someone to comment on this! Was thinking nobody caught it;)

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