5 thoughts on “A Human Being that was Given to Fly”

  1. My husband is a huge Pearl Jam fan. He loves to watch their dvds. This is one of their renditions and reminds me of you when I hear it now…no matter what you’re feeling or how you are responding to everything, it’s okay.

  2. I have been following your journey since hearing about Ronan through another site. He has just gone to Heaven. I came over tonight after a few days without power and cried as I usually do. I have commented before but your love of Pearl Jam just threw me for a loop as I also have special songs from them which help me through my son’s cancer. I sing “Just Breathe” to Sammy. I wish beyond words that you could sing directly to Ronan but he is listening.

    Much love,

  3. A little off the PJ subject…which is a real shame to veer from…but i was told about this event today and wanted to share it with you. (I know the host of this event has a religious affiliation, but my intent is in NO way to advocate for that, and i hope it’s not insensitive for me to post about this.)
    It is heartbreaking how little attention childhood cancer gets, but here’s something actually devoted just to childhood cancer. I’ll be running for Ronan and all the other wonderful little bald headed souls out there…maybe you or some of your peeps would be interested too. A team of purple-star-studded runners, perhaps? 🙂 Either way…just a little something positive out of such a dreadful disease.



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