Bad British Accents and a Baby Boy??

6 responses to “Bad British Accents and a Baby Boy??”

  1. i can definatly see the crack up factor lol …
    so glad you had a good day you deserve it and im sure it makes Ronan soo happy everytime he sees you smile….

  2. Hahaha that one made me laugh…

  3. This clip makes me so happy. Good old fashion, rediculous fun! Girlfriends are the best! So glad to read this day brought you some cheer.

    Hugs from Michigan,

  4. Fun times… laughing so hard you’re crying… love those moments.
    Hope you have more of these days.

  5. This is such a great video…my kids and I laughed!

  6. Sorry in advance for being off topic here, just wanted you to know I’m thinking bout you and Ro lots today. I fucking hate cancer, Lots of love your way always, ROBIN

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