2 thoughts on “Things have to change”

  1. Hi Maya…I have to tell you not a day goes by that I do not think about your sweet baby boy Ronan. You both have truly changed my life and for that I thank you. Your writing is amazing…so real..so raw! I’m writing tonight because I need your help! My dear friend’s niece Gabby, 5 has just been diagnosed with a tumor called an Intrapontine Glioma. It is malignant and explosively aggressive.She was diagonosed on Memorial day. She is currently at CHOP and today was given just a few weeks.The Doctors at CHOP have encouraged her family to get second opinions, since pediatric brain tumors are not well understood. Her family is desperate to find the top pediatric neuro-oncologist in the World. When I heard the news tonight…you and Ronan where the first thoughts in my mind. Do you have any suggestions or Doctors that you can recommend? As you know time is of the essense. Thank you in advance for your help. You are amazing:) Beth. Please
    contact me at silvermom2009@hotmail.com

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