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  1. Annie Johnson Avatar
    Annie Johnson

    sent my pics 🙂 still hurting too much to really comment right now, and if I’m hurting this much then I know you must be hurting 10,000 more times. I’m so happy you had some peace today, it’s all I thought about and wished for you. Always caring…. Luvs!!

  2. Jen Albright-Burns Avatar
    Jen Albright-Burns

    My husband and I released 5 Purple Star balloons today in honor of your little man and your family. He has touched my heart forever. Know that his memory, story and fight along with your family’s will not be forgotten. You are so brave, courageous, and strong. It is clear Ronan got that from his mama too.

  3. i loved the obit.
    i knew who wrote it and all. it was touching and different
    than most others’.

    he had such a lovely tribute.

    i made a long comment on it.

    i hate reading obits esp since my mom passed away. but this one was worth reading. it didnt feel like his life was over, it just seemed like it was just beginning. the only thing that was sad was reading his age. i get grossed out to hear such a young person had to exit the planet and yet terrible adults gets to stay. well my mom and billy joel always said ” only the good die young”.

    before i was born, my mom was pregnant with my brother. she was informed in the beginning that he had problems wrong and that they advised for her to abort. she refused. a priest told her its gonna a tough struggle but she said she can do it. he was born with a bad heart. he was only given to live for 6 months but he lived til he was 18 months. when he passed, she wasnt the same. even after giving birth to my goofy self and my 2 nutty sisters, she still felt like she didnt want to be our mom. she felt like how you always do where the days drag and to be surrounded by loved ones. each time either a certain song, tv show, or a date, she was a basket-case.
    we knew to leave her alone and to let her be by herself to cry. when my mom passed away 3 yrs ago, she left with a smile on her face. whenever i think of her smile, i get mad because she should only be thinking of myself and my sisters but nope she was smiling cuz she got to see her son. she thought of him just like how you think of ronan- your partner in crime.

    anyways…. no matter what your son will always be here with you. dont think of him being gone cuz he’s not. dont think of the day when you get to see him again cuz he’s right beside you all of the time and still following you around, still asking for cheesy eggs and watching ‘ mickey mouse’. also…. dont get rid of your last picture of ronan either because a picture tells a million stories. and you never know maybe one day you could use the picture on websites to speak about neuroblastoma and how a child looks. it can inspire someone to really push to get the cancer cured, it can inspire a parent to get there child checked. it can inspire in so many ways. but for now, the picture is only for you.

    ronan is a trooper fo’ sho. even when he felt very um not like himself, he still played with his Star Wars toys. he’s still playing with his toys on the new blanket he got.

    moral of the story- you have been typing lovingly about a wonderful young man. and he’ll always inspire. look at all the hits you’ve got from peeps reading your blogs.
    and always know ronan did not leave your side and he never will. he’s growing up right beside you and having you guide his way. he is lucky to have you as his mother and he’s lucky to have your family and friends to be by his side.

  4. Maya.
    My husband is a truck driver ,well I asked him if there was a way to put on sign on his truck saying ROCKSTARRONAN..Com .He is now driving from MA to NY including NH and VT. With your web address on his truck so hopefully people will see your site and we can bring more awareness to this horrible disease .You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers .

    1. That is very cool jenn. My brother drives truck also, i will have to see if he can do the same. Maybe it will spread the word from wa to ca Maybe idaho and montana to.

  5. You are truly loved by so many throughout the world. Your life brought so very much to so many. Your life was so full of love. I am so glad that your life was celebrated last night. The sky was so full of love for you and your family. It was fun and amazing to watch the balloons pop up. All our love to you entire family.
    The Mackeys

  6. Maya, I dont know you and you dont know me however, as mother (of 3 boys), I feel connected to you. I learned of Ronan thru Jessica and Brooke Hester. I started following your blog early last week and since then my heart has broken for you.Thru your blog entries you have touched my heart and reached into my soul, like nothing ever has. Your words, honesty, dignity amaze me. You are a truly strong woman and I am inspired. Reading your blog has fueled something inside of me that just wont go away. I have shared Ronan’s story to many friends and continue to pray for your family daily. May God be with you always and always. You are a strong woman Maya.

  7. My kids and I let balloons go last night for Ronan…..I sent up one big purple balloon and my kiddos sent up alot of brightly colored balloons.

    I went to the store to buy four colorful balloons for Ronan. 4 because of his birthday. 4 because that’s how many people are in my family and have been deeply touched by Ronan and his family. I asked for the brightest colors they had. I asked for star balloons. They had none. As I checked out, I noticed star balloons tied to different places on a display. I asked if I could stop my check out to buy one. The manager told me they were not for sale. Display only. After telling her what the balloons were for, she ran to get me two star balloons- one blue, one gold. Donated. She told me it hit home. I told her to look for the release at 7:00.
    My girlfriend picked me up at 6:00. We went to Camelback mountain with the 6 balloons. We got a lot of smiles by people we passed since I was carrying the balloon bundle. “Happy Birthday!”, one hiker said. I smiled in my heart thinking of Ronan. “What are you doing with those?”, another hiker asked, “My girlfriend said we were celebrating a life. Smiled even deeper thinking of Ronan. We climbed until 10 minutes to 7:00. We ended up at what we call our meditation rock. It will now to me be Ronan’s Rock. We sat and stared at the giant beautiful full moon in front of us in the sky. Time to think. My girlfriend split the balloon bundle apart. At 7:00 I released one balloon at a time. The gold star last (to be the brightest star in the sky.) It was windy and the balloons took off in all directions. We watched. The next scene was amazing. The balloons rose and placed themselves in a spot around the moon. The gold star being the last. Each had their own spot. We couldn’t believe it. It was a circle of love around the moon. A perfect circle hugging the moon. So bizzare. So miraculous. Thinking of Ronan.
    On the hike down. We stopped to watch different bundles of balloons that were also released in the sky. It was beautiful. It was perfect.

  9. Ronan has touched me in such a big big way! I am a family and lifestyle photographer in Southern NJ, and I am donating 20% of my profits from all sessions in june to The Ronan Thompson Foundation….please know that he is living on in not only you…but also thousands of strangers like me…..thank you for sharing him with us…..I know my life will never be the same, because of him.

    1. Annie Johnson Avatar
      Annie Johnson

      so so generous, and inspiring. Thank you!!!

  10. “stars are out tonight and you’re the brightest one shining in my sky”

  11. That was beautifully written. Still, such a guttwrenching thing to read. It’s not fair.
    Thinking of you and praying for all of you.

  12. Andrea Sidenstricker Avatar
    Andrea Sidenstricker

    Hello Mya,
    I live in northern california and I have been following your blog and Ronan’s story …. Being a mother of a 4 year old myself I can’t even begin to imagine the pain you are experiencing.. I think you are incredible and your blog is so captivating, do you ever think about making it into a book??
    The day of Ronan’s memorial service , I thought of Ronan and your whole family all day long.
    As I finished my shift at the hospital , I walked out and it was raining, I was disappointed because I was not sure how I am going to release the balloons in the rain??? I drove out of the parking structure and I could see some blue sky and some sunshine peaking through the clouds.. I turned the street corner and then I saw it!!!! The most beautiful DOUBLE RAINBOW I have ever seen.
    I went to the store and got 5 star shaped balloons and I drove to an awesome lookout point overlooking what we call little grand canyon. I felt that would be the perfect spot to release the balloons!!!

  13. Andrea Sidenstricker Avatar
    Andrea Sidenstricker

    Mya, I pushed the wrong button and it published my comment too soon, I just wanted to finish with saying that I think of you and Ronan and your family every day, you have touched my heart and my soul…

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