9 thoughts on “Introducing……”

  1. Wow! How amazing! What a beautiful website — for such a beautiful boy. Thinking of you guys in Philly and praying for good news!!!! Hang in there 🙂

  2. We at Living Streams church prayed for God’s healing power to consume Ronans body and show miracles. You have a community of people who care and love you all immensely. God bless you all.

  3. Hi Maya, Woody, Liam, Quinn, and Ronan!

    What a great site you guys have for the Ronan Thompsan Foundation! Fantastic! Your group did a phenomenal job!

    I have read your site for so long. I have only commented one other time. But, everyday I read. Everyday I think of all of you. I watched your journey from Phoenix (home!) to NYC to Phoenix to your interviewing philly, and then back to NYC.

    Two of your 3 cities are my world. I am, currently, a New Yorker. I love this city so very very much. I know right now you are not happy with it…but I think it had its place for you.

    My other city is Philly. I grew up in South Jersey and Philly was always our (my siblings and mine) city. My mom grew up there. It was like a second home to me – Philly. And Chop. Oh Chop. I first learned about Chop when I was in 5th grade. Chop saved my little sister. Granted, she didn’t have to face anything close to what Ronan is facing but that hospital saved her life. She now has two babies of her own – they’re 5 and 6…very close to your twins’ age.

    I want you to know. Chop is amazing. Philly is amazing. RMH actually started in Philly 🙂 You guys will be very well cared for and when you first mentioned chop in your blog I got so excited…but, it wasn’t right for you at the time. I feel that, now, it is. And Philly will save you and Ro. And, if you need anyone there to help out, I have a ton of family very close by. I’ll send them to you!!! Anything!

    I think Philly was meant to heal Ronan but NYC was meant to “make” you…make you stronger…make you more able to deal with a very brutal public but also make you see…somehow…the smallest little thing like the chalk note about dreams on the street 🙂

    I. I hope and pray for all of you. I am confident that Chop will save your Ro like it saved my Kim a long time ago 🙂 And, again, please. If you need anything…I have a cousin that lives in South Philly that has to go to Chop often, I have other cousins and friends that live so close by and my immediate family is not so far away in south jersey. I’ll send them to you right away so just let me know!

    Wishing a lifetime of love and laughter to all of you!


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