Dear Lovlies

Woody, Ro and I are leaving on a red-eye tonight for Philly. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers and I will update you when I get a chance. Please send all your healing strength to Ronan and blessings to Dr. Yael Mosse.

Love you all.



26 responses to “Dear Lovlies”

  1. Allison Suriano Avatar
    Allison Suriano

    Prayers continuing have been following you daily (know Kay from the league). I think I speak for those of us who have quietly prayed and followed your blog but haven’t spoken until now because I think you need to know now more than ever the depth and breadth of support you and your family has in this community. God bless you!

  2. Sending lots of love, prayers, and positive energy your way!!

  3. You’ve got all the prayers I have in me. I’m praying for Ronan, you, Woody, your sweet twins and all of your family and friends. I’m also praying for all of the doctors, nurses and staff af CHOP. My nephew was treated there in the fall and I’ve got nothing but good things to say about them. Healing thoughts to Ronan.

  4. Hey Maya, lots of love, hugs and blessings to all of you. Hope everything at CHOP goes smooth. Special hugs to Ronan, you rock baby boy, we will be praying for you, Mom, Dad and Dr. Mosse. Take care.

  5. Dorene Plampin Avatar
    Dorene Plampin

    Sending an abundance of love. May you be filled
    with hope and peace. Loved the picture of all the children with the Easter baskets. That’s definitely hope and love.
    Blessings and oh yes sending a very special Angel
    to be with you all.
    hugs, D

  6. Hey Maya, I wish you the best of luck with CHOP. I’m a nursing student at Drexel in Philly and everyone’s dream job is to work at CHOP because it’s the best hospital. I believe you’re in good hands and I’m sending lots of positive thoughts and energy your way!

  7. Ananda Dasi Nicole Billa Avatar
    Ananda Dasi Nicole Billa

    May God’s love be with you, always.
    this song always helped me when my son was in treatment.
    singing for you every day

  8. maya..if prayers and hope could heal ronan, he would be cancer free many times over! I am praying for you, ronan and all of ronan’s doctors and nurses at CHOP. stay strong and Godspeed!

    hugs and kisses from league city, texas

  9. Go get’em Ronan!!! Sending prayers and positive thoughts to you all!

  10. Praying for your family every day! Ronan is a beautiful child and he WILL MAKE IT THREW THIS. I live only 30 mins from CHOP so if there’s anything I can do please send me a message!
    Prayers, hugs & HOPE,

  11. Barb and Ken Buettner Avatar
    Barb and Ken Buettner

    We are praying for grace to be poured down on your whole family, leaving you peace, comfort, strength and health.

  12. You guys are constantly in my prayers!!! Please let me know if you need anything as I work in Philly ( I won’t be eligible for blood donation until May 20th–I am O positive and so are several family members who may be eligible before me and I can likely recruit them). My niece receives treatment at CHOP and I have always heard such amazing things about them.

  13. Maya, I’ve been following you and your dear family on your blog since a friend sent me information about donating to your fund, which I was quick to do after reading about all that Sweet Ronan has been through. He inspires me daily in my life as a person, a mom, a wife, a friend. I’ve seen this firsthand 8 years ago, watching my best friend deal with her son being diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor at age 2 years old. You and Woody so remind me lil William’s parents, never giving up, defying the odds, not letting someone take your hopes and determination away. You see, they did not listen to the word “terminal” and were determined to beat the odds, seeking treatment that was still new. A doctor even told them that they were just killing their son sooner then later. Can you believe the audacity!!!! They kept their heads high, fought and did not listen to the negatives, and I am so thankful for the decisions they made as well as their persistent dedication to keep William alive when so many were telling them the opposite. William just turned ten years old. He’s a happy, active kid who loves to swim and play the piano, and I truly believe that his parents played a big part in making such happen, just like you and Woody are doing, so “Fuck Em!!!!” to those who don’t want to believe in Ronan, because I do, just as I know you do too.
    You are all in heart, thought and prayer.
    Keep on fighting, and Never….Never, Give Up!!!!!

  14. Maya,
    I could not even find words after the bomb Dr. K dropped on you. I think everyone on this site feels so connected to Ro that it just blew our minds. Chop IS the answer. Nobody knows the strength that boy of yours has. Look what he has gone through and he still runs around and eats like a mad man! I don’t care what anybody says that is not normal behavior for someone in his position. Because Ro is not normal and like someone said to you it just takes one child to beat the odds to change the odds! He IS that child. No way so many people just feel that without it being the truth! The universe hears us and will not let Ro, your family or any of us down! He has a story to tell and that story is long from over! Keep fighting for him, like I know you will and God Bless!

  15. sandra gonzales Avatar
    sandra gonzales

    Hello Sweet Girl- Ronan and you walk through each and every waking moment with me! Today, when I saw the beautiful picture with all the Angels, I felt blessed, but, if you would look closely, like I know that you do, you see the leader of the Angel’s Ronan. He is our gift from God!

  16. I sent an email to the gmail account but will post here as well. I am in Philly and am here for you all week – please reach out and let me know how I can help. If Ronan has any time before procedures begin on Tuesday to see the hockey rink of the Philadelphia Flyers before the playoff game (or attend) also do let me know please. Anything in regard to Star Wars I can send?


  17. Todd & Kara Schierscher Avatar
    Todd & Kara Schierscher

    Our thoughts & prayers are with you all the way….Safe travels Maya, Woody and Ronan!

  18. Safe travels to you, Woody and Ro.

    Positive thoughts and prayers.
    I’m praying that CHOP is the place for Ro to be healed.
    CHOP has to be the place for a miracle.



    Rock on Rockstar Ronan! xx

    Fight on!!!

  19. Praying for your favor Lord and traveling mercies..blessings to Your glory Lord.

  20. Hi Maya~ safe travels to you guys and praying for sweet Ronan and his treatment at CHOP. Thanks for the update that you were leaving tonite…it’s helpful in knowing what needs to be prayed for and when ;). Much love~ michelle

  21. You don’t know me but I pray for Ronan and your family everyday. I found this verse for you, I meant for it to give you power and determination.
    “Rise up; this matter is in your hands. We will support you, so take courage and do it.”
    Ezra 10:4

  22. Thinking of you guys….hoping, praying and believing!!!! We are all pulling for Ronan!!!! You have so much support and love….don’t forget that 🙂

  23. The Thompson’s take Philly! Many prayers & love to you all as you start this next chapter. I hope this is the one that will get you closer to cancer free! We believe in you Ronan, Maya, & Woody.

  24. I am praying for you all, and especially praying that God will work through Dr Mosse. Sending lots of love your way too.

  25. Wehn I go to bed at night I ask God to wath over
    ronan and yur family. When I got up this morniung I asked God to make today Ronan’s day. I don’t pray often or ask for much but I’m happy to pray everyyday for Rockstar and his family. You aren’t doing this journey alone as you have thousands of people praying and caring about you. I just hope we can all make a TREMENDOUS difference.

  26. Paula Mc Emerson Avatar
    Paula Mc Emerson

    You are in my thoughts stay strong and keep fighting xx

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