Magic Medicine… Day 1 Round 7

We started Ronan’s 7th round of chemo today in hopes that we can get rid of more of his cancer before making a major decision as far as which way we will go with his treatment. Today, was very uneventful and easy. We checked into the clinic and Ronan took one of his chemo’s orally, and the other one is given through his broviac. We will go to the clinic tomorrow for the same thing and then we will spend Sat-Mon at PCH inpatient to finish the rest of this cycle. So far, so good…. he is feeling great. What we are hoping and praying for is for these next two rounds of chemo to do their job and get rid of some more cancer before we decide which treatment is best for Ronan. If all goes well, like we are praying, and he responds, Transplant is still an option. The question is, is the right option for him?? We are going to be spending the next couple of months researching and meeting with other doctors to determine what all of our options are. We are taking Ronan out to UCSF next week to meet with Dr. Matthay to get her opinion and Woody will also be flying out to CHOP in Philadelphia to meet with Dr. Mosse. We are keeping Dr. Kushner in our back pocket as well. Nothing can really be decided until Ronan finishes these last two rounds of chemo and then we have him rescanned.

I’ve had some of you ask why we didn’t send him into transplant after Round 6 like we had planned. Ronan’s MIBG scan showed too much active disease for us to be comfortable with. We feel like a transplant would not do any good and our doctors, for the most part, seemed to agree. They would like to see less active cancer in his body. As I said before, he had so much cancer in his body and it has drastically reduced…. but not enough. We need to get rid as much of it as possible and we will move forward from there. I know you all pray for our baby everyday and night, but please, send him everything you’ve got for these next couple of months. He has to respond to this chemo well.

Ronan is otherwise doing very well. He has been his happy, active, sweet self. He lights up my life every second of the day. He is so happy to be at home with his brothers and has been enjoying spending as much time as possible with them. Woody and I are so thankful to have everyone together. Other than this cancer bullshit, we are just another normal, happy family. Well, as much as we can be.

Tonight, I had a last minute dinner out with the girls. I went out with Trish, Stacy, Marisa, and Linds. It was a calm, peaceful evening and I was so happy that Stacy finally was able to meet Marisa and Lindsey and vise versa. My group of friends mesh SO well together. You have no idea how happy this makes me. It was nice to be out and even nicer to see my Little M who I have been missing so much. In between her new baby and her being sick, it’s been way too long since I’ve seen her. I feel like after tonight I got a little piece of my heart back. Marisa is such an important part of my life and what I love even more is the fact that if we go a couple of weeks without seeing each other, I never have to second guess that she isn’t thinking of us every second of the day. Love you, Little M.

Tonight, I feel peaceful and tired. I saw Dr. Adams at the clinic and she came up and help me for a minute and told me she really believes we made the right decision by starting Ronan on some more rounds of chemo. I told her how much we adored her and how much we appreciated her honesty and openness with us yesterday. How she brought me peace and made me feel like we have so many more options than we had originally thought. I think the woman has wings. She is another one of those people who you can look into her eyes and see her soul. It is pure, good, and wise. What amazing qualities to have as a human being. We are so very thankful for her.

That’s all for tonight. Early day and I really hope I can get some sleep. Last night I tossed and turned and was up by 4:30 a.m. because I couldn’t sleep. Sweet dreams to all of you. May your tomorrow be filled with as many beautiful things as possible.

Goodnight my sweet friends ❤


3 responses to “Magic Medicine… Day 1 Round 7”

  1. We love you all. God will give you strength, love and hope. Stay strong. Much Love and prayers.

    Gay and family

  2. I promise to keep giving our all, my whole Family and friends are praying for Ronan’s magic medicine to work it’s magic so that the next steps taken will lead to a Cancer free Ronan. We light a candle every night for Ronan and I hold my babies close and give thanks for them all the while crying tears of hope for Ronan and your Family. Maya
    you have made so many of us wake up and see how lucky we are and how much more we have to appreciate the good because the bad can touch anyone anytime? I have put Ronan on every prayer list I can find and will continue to do so until the day I get one of your blogs in my email that says Ronan is Cancer free and I believe with all my heart that day WILL come. Stay strong and tell that beautiful little boy the world is pulling for him. Ronan will Rock that Cancer out like no other child. xo

  3. You are doing the right thing(s) for Ronan, and I’m glad you had some time for yourself last night with your girlfriends. You are right. We are all out here praying and cheering for Ronan and your family.
    I’m around, so if that paperwork or anything else starts piling up, just call. 602.616.4032

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