Ro rocked through surgery!!!!!!!

Maureen just came down to tell us that Dr. L is closing up
shop and everything went beautifully. We don’t know a whole bunch
at this point, but all we need to know is he is o.k. We will find
out soon if they had to remove a kidney or anything like that.
Knock on wood that they did not. Thank you all for your prayers,
they are working and have been working for us since day one!!! I
will update you more after we talk to Dr. LaQuaglia and after we
get R transported over to where he needs to be. All that matters is
that the surgery is almost over and our baby is fine!!!

34 thoughts on “Ro rocked through surgery!!!!!!!

  1. Kristen

    All of us at PCH have been thinking about you and are so happy to hear Ronan is okay. Glad you and Woody made it thru! Go Ro!

  2. Marcy Shipman

    Yay Ronan!! Praise the Lord!! I’ve never even met you all, but I’ve been sitting on pins and needles all day….I’m so thankful God watched over Dr. L and Ronan during that time. Now, I’ll continue to pray for good news from the results of the surgery.

  3. Rita Dickinson

    Wonderful, wonderful news! Thank you! Just what I’ve been waiting for. Prayers and good thoughts continue.

  4. Candyce Lindsay

    Awesome! Praise God. His total healing is a stones throw away! Maya I hope you feel the spirit of our earnest prayers for Ro and all of your Thompson family.

  5. Jennifer

    So glad to hear it went so well! Have been praying for Ronan and your family from the beginning and will continue to. Your little one is adorable and your strength is an inspiration for others.

  6. Marrtha Cooper

    What wonderful news that Ronan’s surgery went well and my prayers will continue for his healing to begin and go well also!

  7. Wendy Ledford

    Wonderful news!!!! I think Dr. L really is an angel. (he performed my niece Alexa’s surgery about 12 years ago.) Praying for a great recovery for sweet Ronan.
    Maya- Thanks for the updates and sharing your “story” with us. You’re an inspiration to me and many others out here in “the blogosphere”
    God Bless you and your precious family.

  8. jen

    2011 Is off to a Great start!! I am so happy he is out of surgery and will be anxiously awaiting more Great News!!! God Bless

  9. Shelli & Gibson

    You “keep on keepin’ on” Ronan!! We will be stopping by the Water & Ice store this afternoon and look forward to rejoicing in your good news. Blessings from your Arcadia fans!

  10. Dorene Plampin

    oh halleluiah. Praise God and bless all of you wonderful people.
    I too haven’t met you and Ro but my heart is bursting with love
    and gratitude. D

  11. Michelle

    Awesome…… So happy for your family and your amazing little boy. I have been following your blog since the beginning and this great news brought tears of joy to my eyes today!!!!!!

  12. The Robbins Family

    You ROCK our world, Ronan! You just keep kickin’ cancer’s butt – we’ll keep praying for your recovery! Love to you and your beautiful family. <3<3<3

  13. Shelly

    What GREAT news, I thought about Ronan and you family ALL day! Ronan you are a ROCK STAR and have an AMAZING family! You inspire so many people. STAY STRONG!

  14. Julie

    Yay Ronan!! I’ve never even met you, but I’ve been sitting on pins and needles all day….I’m so thankful God watched over Dr. L and Ronan during that time. Now, Sunny days and happy days ahead. Miracles do happn and this is the miracle we all have been praying for. What an amazing family and Champ Ronan. hugs and love to all of you

  15. Sue Brigman

    Hooray for the whole Thompson family! You’ve made it through very good and very bad days, but you stayed strong. There is nothing like the strength and love of a family to pull you through. Heaps of Healthy, Happy Days in this new year to come, Lance & Sue Brigman

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