I love him to the moon and back

The morning started early. Had to wake up Ro and he had to drink contrast in order to have his CT done. We had to fill up a big cup with sprite, added the contrast, and Ronan had to drink all of it. If any of you know my strong willed child, you would have been so proud of him this morning. I was thinking all night, there is no way he is going to cooperate and drink all of this crap before going to the hospital. We got him a straw, it took him about 20 minutes and I talked him though it the entire time. He did it, without putting too  much of a fuss. What an amazing little guy…. this is all so unfair to him but he handles most of it so well.

Ronan’s scans are done. We won’t know final results until next week. Dr. M took us back and showed us the CT though. He couldn’t give us exact measurements, but the tumor looks very contained. Maybe about the size of a small apple now. I hadn’t seen the very first set of scans that Ronan had done, until today. His tumor was massive. It had pretty much taken over his entire abdomen. Dr. M said it looks like it has come off of the aorta which is great news… but we still won’t know final results until next week. The bone marrow was done as well so we will be waiting on that too. Lots of waiting, trying to be patient. Good thing we are in such a great city to keep us busy. We don’t have to be back at the hospital until next week so we are going to enjoy our little break. I will let you know as soon as I hear more.

While we were waiting for Ronan to come out of anesthesia, there was a big fuss around the hospital. I quickly learned that Jake Gyllenhaal was going to come by to say hello to the kids. He showed up for about 2 hours and was so adorable. He took pictures with the kids, talked to parents, etc…. As he was getting ready to leave, our little Olivia ran up to him and handed him a Rockstar Ronan card and the naughty version of his Rockstar Ronan bracelet. Olivia pointed to where Liz and I were sitting and Jake came over to say hello and talked to us for about  5 minutes. He was so sweet and adorable. He put on Ronan’s bracelet and said he was going to wear it and took one look at Ronan’s picture and told us how beautiful he was. Which we all already know, but it was very sweet  of him to say and to take the time to talk with us. You can tell he really is a nice person and he totally made all of the kids’ and mom’s day today:) Not to mention, Liz, who was over the moon to say the least:) Maybe he will rock the Rockstar Ronan bracelet on the red carpet and help us raise awareness for childhood cancer:) He seems like he has a very good heart.

That’s all for today, thanks for checking in with us and Happy Holidays!!


The picture below is for playroom Cathy at PCH. Ronan says “Hellllloooo Mr. Potato Head!” We miss you!!

7 responses to “I love him to the moon and back”

  1. Emily Willis Innocenti Avatar
    Emily Willis Innocenti

    Such great news! And you know the doctor wouldn’t tell you anything positive about Ronan’s scan if there was any doubt that it was good news. So happy for this! I hope Santa is good to you all. Merry Christmas and did we ever try to figure out a live video chat or skype or something for the 26th? You need to be there, even if it’s only a few minutes of live video. We will make something work!!! ❤

  2. That is so great about it sounding like the tumor has shrunk by quite a bit….FUCK CANCER! I’m going to keep praying my head off for little Ronan! Also, Jake is my new favorite actor…especially if he wears the bracelet!! I hope your family has a very merry Christmas in spite of everything going on. I can’t even begin to imagine what this holiday season is like for you, but I know that you are in the exact right place so that your next Christmas will be spent at home with a little boy who’s kicked cancer’s ass!! Thoughts and prayers to all of you!

  3. Good news…so happy.

  4. Cecilia from Boot Camp Avatar
    Cecilia from Boot Camp

    I have been following your blog and keeping you all in my prayers. You are ALL amazing, strong and full of positive energy – Ronan will come through all this and be stronger than ever. You, Ronan and all your family are always in my prayers…. things will get better. I understand your pain. Remember — Penny Miracles – little miracles along the way. Things are not how you want them or how they should be, but little miracles are happening every day even in the face of hardship – penny miracles – Ronan is getting the best medical care and there is tremendous support behind your family – God Bless you and keep you all safe and I am thinking of you!!
    Love, Cecilia from Boot Camp

  5. Keep up the positive attitudes. My daughter is a retinoblastoma surviver. She had surgery at age 4 months. She had her eye removed and then had to have checkups (under anesthesia) every four months for the next three years. Then less often and less often. We were lucky it was caught just in time to avoid it moving to the brain. She is 17 now and only goes for a yearly checkup. I will think of you and keep your family in our prayers. I remember all those nervous days of waiting to hear what the doctors had to say. Would it be good or bad news. Hoping for good for you and all those kids in the same place. God Bless.

  6. Praying, loving and thinking about the entire family. Maya you are doing amazing with all your different hats you are wearing. I am not talking the fashion kind either even though you look amazing in those too:))) Glad Liz and Olivia are there too. Little Olivia should run your PR campaign for childhood cancer for sure. She could handle it!!! LOL. Xoxo to everyone in the family and we are always thinking and praying. I Love You All.

    Gay, Barry and Boys

  7. I may not have access to the red carpet, but I’m rocking my FYC bracelet everyday!
    Merry Christmas Ronan Thompson & family! I hope Santa is good to you!!

    Xoxo’s all the way from Katy, TX!!

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