2 thoughts on “My inspiration”

  1. over 35 yrs ago, my little sister Missy was 2 years old. Diagnosed with stage 4 Neurblastoma, no treatment no cure my parents were told. take her home to die. They wouldn’t accept that as an answer, so 2 years in and out of the Uof M (more in than out), experimental treatments, lots of prayers, an amazing team of dr’s and nurses, ups and downs, nights they didn’t think she’d make it through. The 1st in the world to be cured, 3 children of her own. miricales are out there. don’t give up hope, my sister is a daily reminder of these miricales on earth. prayers and blessings to you all through this difficult journey.

  2. Your blog and story makes me cry a lot and my heart just broken! Your BEAUTIFUL little Ronan is with you every single day and night! You’re his mommy, his one and only! I Will pray for you all! I even wish you the best.. He is still alive inside of you! … And he is holding your hand at night 🙂 little beauty as he ARE!!! Take Care !!! Live from Sweden!

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