Don’t mess with the Ronan

Off with his hair! My sweet girl who cuts and colors my hair, the amazing Katrina, came and shaved Ronan’s today. He looks like a badass. I didn’t cry. Even though I wanted to. Liam and Quinn watched…. not so sure they really wanted to but Ronan got really teary eyed when they said they were leaving before he cut it. Ronan was really wanting his brothers around today. I can tell he is missing them a lot. I always knew Ronan was the most gorgeous boy put on this planet. This just proves it. He looks BEAUTIFUL. His blue eyes look a hundred times bigger and the shape of his head is absolutely perfect. He sat so brave while we shaved it off. After, he kept wanting to touch it and was asking about the scar on his head. I keep telling him it’s his tough guy scar. He keeps saying he has an army guys haircut. So cute. His spirits are great…. but his ANC is still at 0. Hoping they’ll come up by tomorrow.

I think I am going to sleep at home tonight and have Woody sleep here. I can tell my body is trying to get sick and wanting to shut down. I’m sure it’s due to lack of sleep, food, and the freezingness of this hospital. Brrrrr! Why do they keep is so icy cold here?? A good nights sleep is what I need to fight this off. I can’t be sick around Ronan. That would not be good for either of us. He needs his mama and I need him.

9 thoughts on “Don’t mess with the Ronan”

  1. Turning in for the evening and you are on my mind and in my prayers. Goonight and I hope you sleep well and that tomorrow brings you many blessings!!! Give that beautiful liitle boy a hug from all of us here at the Bunger Compound!!

  2. You are one smart mommy! Taking care of you is so important. Blessings to you and praying for a spike in Ronan’s ANC so he can return home soon.

  3. Sending you prayers and hugs tonight Maya. Hoping you get a good night sleep. Ronan looks like a model with those big beautiful blue eyes!

  4. Hi Maya, Thinking of you and your family everyday. I have a prayer chain going for you at work and all my neighbors,
    Ronan looks great with his head shaved.
    Maya get a good nights sleep and take care of you.
    Here is a Hug for all of you. Your Aunt Kay

  5. He looks beautiful with his new “army guy” hair cut!! Ronan and your family are in my prayers. I hope you all get to go home soon and I hope you get a good nights rest and feel better!

  6. First, off he does look beautiful and tough guy army man all at the same time. Just show him a picture of Brad Pitt when he was filming one of his tough guy films. None come to mind right now, but I remember a trailer with his hair like Ronans. Secondly, sounds like we need some healing soup for you today and in the freezer for these kind of occasions. My boys request it at the drop of a hat when they get a sore throat. I will call today.

    Always on our minds and in our hearts. We love you all and are sending strength your way to everyone in The Thompson family.


    Gay and The Crew

  7. maya,
    i stumbled across your blog when i saw you posted on layla grace’s fb page. i read almost the entire thing late last night, and cried…and smiled as i looked through all of your pictures, then i crawled in bed and snuggled my three babies extra tight last night. your attitude is amazing and inspiring and exactly what ronan needs! he is blessed! and you all have my continued prayers for complete healing in sweet ronan’s body. many, many hugs and prayers to your entire family!

  8. ive been so touched by your story..i feel like ronan is apart of me.. i cant even sit here & read a paragraph of your blog without crying as if i lost someone dear & close to me. im sorry god chose him, im sure you will reunite with him once again..

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