My first true love

So we met with the doctor last night and while I was holding Woody’s hand I was trying to focus on all the information being thrown our way. My mind kept wandering back to Woody and I couldn’t even look at the doctor anymore, it was Woody’s face that I was staring at. I kept thinking, why him? How in the world could this happen to him? And I’m not taking about Ronan… I’m talking about my Woo. The most amazing man put on this planet and I’m not exaggerating. Anybody that knows my husband, knows how unbelievably rare and special he is. I am so pissed at myself that this has to happen to him. I know it’s not my fault and it’s nothing I did but i am still so mad and sad. My heart aches for him every second of the day. He is the last person that deserves this kind of pain. My dearest friend, Trish, always tells me he is one in a billion. My mom wants to clone him. I met this man when I was 21 and have never doubted in my mind that he was my other half. He is 100% too good to be true; but proves himself everyday to me. So, is this what our fate was meant to be all along? To face something so horrendous together because no matter what, we will survive. Together?Because we are strong enough as a team that we can beat this? I know one of Woody’s fears is that this is going to rip us apart. Not possible. No matter what, we are going to come out of this stronger. I know that for a FACT.

16 thoughts on “My first true love”

  1. Your love is so special and you both, plus Ronan, will survive this and make you stronger. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. I have known Woody all of his life and I know he is just as lucky to have you in his life. You are BOTH amazing people and you will survive this together and be stronger for it! We are here for you anytime of the day for anything you need. We are keeping all of you in our prayers several times a day. Love to you all.

  3. He is equally lucky to have you. You two will make it through whatever is thrown at you because you’re meant to be together, you respect and admire each other and you’re surrounded by people that love you.

  4. You are right Maya, you and Woody will come out of this stronger! It has been almost a week since we got the call. It is true all of your lives have changed in a way that is very difficult to understand. However,we know God is in control ,and He is “The Great Physician”.
    Stay strong, you both are doing a remarkable job,and know your family is available for whatever you need. We had such a good time here Sunday with Kay, Charlie and the twins. Lots of laughs! Love you all. Joan and Larry

  5. What a wonderful post, Maya. You are both blessed to have each other. All three of your sons are lucky to have your love.

  6. You will definitely become changed, stronger, better people after enduring this journey that you did not choose to walk. There will be ups and downs and at times, seemingly unbearable circumstances but dealing with it together will make it less painful. Also, in the end, Ronan will remember very little of it all and that is truly a blessing.

  7. Although we have only met once or twice a million years ago, I would say that Woody is so very blessed to have you as his partner. You are so inspiring and it is obvious he couldn’t have asked for a better wife or mother to his babies. If Ronan is anything like my 3 year old, his will and stubborness will get him through this. You are in my thoughts and prayers every single day.

  8. Hi Maya,

    A mutual friend of ours forwarded me the link to your blog. My y year old son was diagnosed with osteosarcoma (bone cancer) 18 months ago. I can’t say I know exactly how you feel, but I can certainly relate to the pain, fear and sadness that you are experiencing. I will keep you, Ronan and the rest of your family in my thoughts and prayers. I know we have never met, but if you ever need to talk with someone who has gone through this, feel free to contact me:

    I wish you all the best. May God bless you all!

    Teresa Loney

  9. My blog was linked to your blog in WordPress’s infinite wisdom.
    I’m so glad that it did, though. Even if we have nothing more in common than being parents, I’m intrigued with Ronan’s journey.
    Just know that there are others pulling for your beautiful little guy. He’s lucky to have such a strong spirit and supporting family.

  10. A big hug goes to all 5 of you….you are so amazing…know that we love you and are keeping you in our prayers….

  11. It is uncanny that you wrote this blog today…during the entire time that E.J. and I met with you and Woody last night, I kept thinking about how perfect the two of you are for each other. I have had the pleasure of watching the two of you blossom as a couple, as husband and wife, and as parents. You certainly would never, ever choose the journey that you have found yourselves on, but there is no doubt in my mind that you will both be stronger as individuals and as partners. You are blessed to have each other. Love can conquer all, and precious Ronan WILL win this battle. There’s an army, thousands strong, sending love, love, love.
    Auntie Karen

  12. Beatiful Maya, “it takes one to know one!” Ronan is secure – if not calm – he knows love brought him here & love will see him through. Toria built a hospital, a bed with flowers under the sheets & a sick little boy named Ronan is tucked in – “getting well”. We say prayers – “whenever we need to”. Maybe it’s your cumulative blog – but, it is perplexing that we
    take so much for granted. This epic
    numbness & love for a sick little boy has spread
    ripples through hearts reminding us that life and love are precious and “to love them while you still have them.”(Toria)
    Good night to all the Thompsons!
    Connie & Toria

  13. Hi, I am Laurie Morton’s Aunt Carrie. Her son Jack was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma March 8th 2010. It seems as though there is no one out there that could possibly know your pain, but his mommy, daddy, brother Braden and the whole family know how deep this pain really is. I can tell you this though, we will be praying for you non stop and Ronan will BEAT the s*** out of cancer, I know it. It will be hard, very hard, just to get through the day but you will continue to see Ronan with such great strength at such a young age. As horrible as this cancer is, I do believe these children are chosen as God’s warriors and we will not accept defeat. You recently met my Niece Laurie at Phoenix Children’s and you have met a wonderful family and you will get help and love and prayers from everyone you come in contact with. We are here. We will not leave your side and will continue our prayers and we have to believe this will be cured and it helps to hear or see all the survivor’s of this nasty cancer when you get down. If anyone can do it, it is Ronan. GO ROCK STAR RONAN!! God Bless you and your family and please have a restful sleep.
    xxoo Jack Morton’s great-Aunt Carrie….Arizona

  14. I came across your story on twitter and I just want to let you know that it has completey moved me. You sound like such strong, loving and amazing parents. I will keep you, your beautiful little boy and the rest of your family in my prayers. I have a strong feeling that Ronan will continue to stay strong and he will overcome this.
    Sending lots and lots of love your way.

  15. Dear Maya,
    Perhaps it’s as simple as that….your incredible Woody has everything that God needs to teach so many of us what qualities He desires in all of us. And you have the ability to be able to recognize it and bring awareness to it. Yes, this rocky road right now seems unfair & senseless, but trust that there is real purpose and meaning to come from it. Praying for God’s comfort & healing!

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