This is an image for Prayers are nice, but they are not going to fix things. I have a new idea. It’s called Faith and Fight..


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  • Instagram is my BFF

    3 a.m. speech writing with my bestie Charles Bukowski. He's a good friend to have during nights like this when all I want to do is vomit as I try to prepare for a speech I have to give on May 9th which is the 4 year anniversary of when Ronan died. Honored to have been nominated for such an amazing award, but the timing of the awards ceremony is totally fucked up, award ceremony gods. It will be a miracle if I can get up on that stage and pull this off. #ronan #fucancer #nofilternecessary #vomiteverywhere #may9thcansuckit #bukowskiismyspiritanimal #rebelwithacause #cancerisawhore My favorite co-sleepers. #ronan #fucancer #poppyandteddy #bestiesforlife #assholeteddy #goldendoodle #nightynightlovers Date night. @brimelone @quinn.thompson24 #ronan #fucancer #myloves #family #sissytime #sundays #fuzzylove

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